We Might Have Guessed …

“It is a pleasure to make the acquaintance of the Elforsk personnel, and I think that this skype conference could be an important advance, especially if UFT226 ff. could be developed with theories of the nuclear potential. Many thanks to Axel Westrenius for acting as intermediary.

Myron Evans

In a message dated 17/11/2014 18:26:53 GMT Standard Time, writes:

Dear Axel,

Thanks for your interest and proposal. I do have a Ph.D. but not in physics – mine is in electrical engineering (electrical power systems). Feel free to set up a conference but Elforsk will not take the lead on that one.

Best Regards,


We have found that electrical engineers are always in the forefront of physics-related pseudoscience. One thinks immediately of Eric Laithwaite, Harold Aspden, Harold Puthoff, Thomas Valone, etc., etc. It is probably not their fault. They use much of the same nomenclature as physicists, but are not taught all of the subtleties of physics.  For example, they are always baffled by the operation of the ‘one-piece’ homopolar generator/motor because it does not obey their simplistic flux-cutting or flux-linking rules. Among those baffled by it is, of course, Siemens Stain.


3 Responses to “We Might Have Guessed …”

  1. Mountaineer Says:

    Well the fight against the Wind Turbines is over at Mynydd y Gwair, Swansea, near the home of the pseudo physicist. He claims to have opposed them.. We have campaigned against this scheme for twenty years. We have campaigned in Meetings & Protest Marches & General Protests & at Planning Committees & to Politicians & taken out a very costly High Court Action & attended two lengthy Public Inquiries & risen funds for legal costs & written countless letters to the public and politicians and newspapers. You name it we the community in his village have done it all. What has he done? NOTHING apart from put NONSENSE on his Science Fiction Blog. HE HAS DONE NOTHING. YES NOTHING. We are now awaiting the result of the second Public Inquiry and the High Court verdict. If we win, he will try to claim he won it. REMEMBER HE HAS DONE NOTHING!

  2. Villager Says:

    Mountaineer you are correct he has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the fight against the Duke of Beaufort and the Wind Turbines, Also you may have forgotten – he has done NOTHING – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to support the Village Hall or Village Societies or Village Chapels or the local village community or local Welsh Medium Schools at Felindre and Gellionnen Clydach or anything to help LOCAL young couples to get affordable village housing – worse still he opposes that! All he has done is try to stop his grieving neighbour sell his rightful property after the death of parents! Oh, I forgot and he has made countless unfounded complaints to the Ombudsman and the Police – all rejjected.

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