Low-Energy Minds

New Survey Paper on LENR

November 23, 2014

Many thanks to Steve Bannister for this paper! I look forward to the first LENR devices for homes around the world.”

Steve ‘Sub-Prime’ Bannister is shaping up to be a fully-fledged loony-tune. Just imagine: as a teaching assistant he is ideally placed to corrupt young minds. Well the paper in question  was published in Infinite Energy magazine (perpetual-motion and anti-gravity its bread-and-butter), the go-to publishing solution for flaky academics who cannot get their pseudoscience into reputable journals. The author, Nagel, is not a physicist: he is a professor of materials scientist with a very scant publication-list: He would not get tenure, or any sort of professorship, according to your rules, Ron. There is other relevant ‘work’ for you to peruse in the same issue: a George Egely* recalls the patent by Godin and Roschin for a Searl-Effect generator. You must remember the convicted criminal and investment fraudster, Searl: there is a permanent link to one of his websites on aias.us and one of his former friends started the aias.us website.  What a small despicable world you all inhabit!

*Egely is best known as a ‘pusher’ of the ‘energy wheel’: an ‘ancient’ convection-driven device which is a stock-in-trade of perpetual-motion conmen and fake psychics (not that there are any real ones).


4 Responses to “Low-Energy Minds”

  1. Boda o boncath Says:

    Brwydr yr Iaith Posting by the pseudo Professor is so hypocritical.and typical of him. Why did he campaign so intensely against Affordable Housing for local young families in his village forcing young Welsh speakers who are grand children of the Coal Miners to leave the village?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Did the BBC really interview him specifically about Morris? Or did they do a ‘vox pop’ in the village, and pick on him by accident? It would be worrying if the BBC thought that he was a person of importance: the BBC is supposed to be the world’s most trustworthy news-gathering and broadcasting organisation. It would not look well if such a minor tin-pot dictator could fool them.

  2. Boda o boncath Says:

    From his pseudo science blog today 25-11-14 it looks as if he has sucked in the local Labour candidate for his constituency’s safe Labour seat in Westminster – as the sitting MP is retiring. She spent an hour with him, no doubt spell bound to be sitting in a cottage with the world’s greatest ever scientist. Probably he will get nominated once again for some false honour after the General Election if Labour win. Make a note of her name for future references.

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