Yawn #2

“Many thanks for this note, Stepehen Crothers also sent me a description of Robitaille’s work some time ago. It has the same relevance as the conclusions of Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris, and as the Assis work cited UFT49, where it was shown that the big bang theory is not needed for red shifts.”

Do we really need to point out that Robitaille is a fruit-loop?


We certainly agree that his work has the same relevance as that of Evans and Morris. That is to say: zero.


One Response to “Yawn #2”

  1. Steve David Urich Says:

    Robitaille and Crothers are both held in high esteem, and quoted as authority figures over at the Thunderbolts Forum. It’s a sad spectacle, but nevertheless, the two men do have a small group of followers who have been hoodwinked by these jokers. But to their credit, the folks over there at Thunderbolts never mention Myron Evans; just the foolish nonsense spouted by Crothers and Robitaille.

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