Fake Coinage

“I wouldn’t mind turning every reading of ECE theory into gold!

In a message dated 26/11/2014 18:15:00 GMT Standard Time,”

But it would be Fools’ Gold!


3 Responses to “Fake Coinage”

  1. agrimer Says:

    Fancy him inferring his Councillor is “inert”. There is no one more inert than the ridiculous “Armiger” himself. He spouts this and spits that about saving community life. Yet he opposed Affordable Housing for local young families to keep them in the village. He never attends any social activity in the village hall, he never attends a village chapel, he never attends the local pub, he is never seen in the village shop, he is never seen at any school functions like the children’s concerts, he never attends the meeting of the village Community Council, he is never seen watching the football team that play on the village field, he never walks Gelliwastad Mountain since he had an argument with a woman alone on the hill. He never does anything except spout rubbish nonsense and garbage. I hope the new MP will see sense when elected and that she will campaign to get him off the Civil List. Once there is a new MP for Gower Constituency we all need to contact this new MP to complain of his gross abuse of the Civil List award and ask that it be removed.

  2. agrimer Says:

    I note that the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Gower LIZ EVANS visited the Crackpot Epi Centre at 50, Rhyddwen, Swansea, to speak for a whole hour or more with Evans. According to Evans she agreed with everything he said which included defamation of the local population by saying the place was crime ridden when Police records show no crimes of any account. Like all of the silly brigade of petty would be politicians she runs her own Twitter site that is full of trivia.
    Her Twitter site is at https://twitter.com/lizevans_gower It makes no reference whatsoever to Evans. This must prove she has a little tiny bit of common sense in not publicly crediting him with anything worthy.Maybe her sensible forthright political Big Sister Redwina has warned little sister Liz to distance herself from utter crackpots. What do you crackpotwatch readers think?

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