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December 31, 2014

“The blog or diary of shattered the five year record in 2014, the leading external referrer is”

So Ron is actually proud of being a hit among the drooling conspiracy-theorists and anti-semites who make up Rancid’s constituency. How sad. We have noted previously that the only referring URL which comes anywhere near being ‘scientific’ is New Scientist; but that rag is run by tabloid journalists and is little better than Fortean Times. We know, from previous lists, that by far the most active referring URL is itself. Ignoring Google, the next URL in terms of activity is the website of the conman, John Searl. Journal of Nuclear Physics, despite its reputable-sounding name, is run by Rossi and his friends. Oh Ron, where did it all go wrong? What happened to that glittering career? 


Book Report

December 31, 2014

“This is given in “Vector Analysis Problem Solver” chapter 16, the chapter on volume integrals. I use example 16.3 of VAPS to justify the correct expression for the intensity of black body radiation from the Planck distribution.”

Is that the only relevant book that you possess? We recall that you were hugging it years ago when photographed by a local newspaper. It is well known to be inferior. The main problem is that it is not even a textbook; it is a just a collection of worked problems. So how do you expect to obtain insight into new situations if you have to depend upon finding a calculation that merely looks like the one that concerns you? 

The Ron and Rancid Show

December 30, 2014

“It was a pleasure to talk to Jeff Rense again, and thanks for his invitation. The program was broadcast on 29th Dec. from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. California time, (5.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. on 30th Dec., today, here in Wales). It discussed the basics of Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) theory and various applications (, notably energy from spacetime ( and low energy nuclear reactors (LENR).”

Rancid did not sand-bag Ron as badly as we would have liked, although being asked about electric-universe theory might have thrown him a bit because that is the domain of Dunging-Davies; another Welsh disaster-area and former friend of Ron. Dunging-Davies also believes, like Ron, that spinning-tops really can levitate. When Dunging received a Telesio-Galilei gold medal (which Ron now calls worthless), Dunging’s university featured the award in its yearbook; thus suggesting that the academic world is too easily infiltrated by pseudoscientific nonsense. Ron also had to field a question about space travel, and waffled about tachyons. If a real physicist had been asked that question, he would have brought up wormholes. Ron could not do that, of course, because a wormhole is a sort of black hole, so he had to fall back on the least-likely unobserved particle (most particles were predicted on the basis of conservation laws; the tachyon is little more than a mathematical artefact). Ron fielded most questions by falling back on the loony-tune’s favourite incantation, “real scientists are open-minded, therefore they cannot deny anything”.  Fortunately, real scientists can also assign probabilities accurately, and those probabilities may as well be zero in the case of the sort of nonsense pushed by Ron and Rancid.   

More Rancid Rubbish

December 30, 2014

This is the sort of person that Rancid likes:

They almost make look Ron look normal. Rancid is a big fan of ozone therapy. Ozone is toxic. Perhaps it will cure all of his problems.

Rancid #2

December 29, 2014

Some Ideas for the Second Rense Program Broadcast

December 29, 2014

It will be very interesting. My contact phone number is the same as for the first interview. The main points might consist of a discussion of the discovery of the B(3) field at Cornell Theory Center in late 1991.”

We are really looking forward to this, as we confidently expect Rancid to sand-bag Ron. After all, another broadcast on the same day will feature an ex-NASA employee (they are always the flakiest) talking about being spied on by little green men. Will Rancid really let Ron ramble on about his theories or will he be more interested in discussing perpetual motion and anti-gravity? What will Ron do if he is pressed to confirm his tool, Jackson’s, claims to the effect that the Rockefellers planted Einstein in the Swiss patent office and that Einstein and Cartan helped the Nazis to build their famous (in the lunatic fringe) antigravity machines? If he should dare to back Jackson up, we know just where to send copies of the recording!


December 28, 2014

“About one hundred and sixty UFT papers have been translated into Castillian Spanish by Alex Hill, whose company routinely supplies Fortune Fifty industry in Mexico with new energy devices ( that can be explained plausibly with ECE theory, but not with the obsolete Maxwell Heaviside theory.”

That would be the ET3M company housed in a hovel (do we have to post that photo again), apparently unlisted at the Mexican equivalent of Companies House and run by someone who thinks that hydroelectric plants extract energy from gravity. Why does such a ‘successful’ company not reflect this in its website (not updated since May); why indeed does that website have no Alexa ranking at all? If it were not so obviously crooked, it would be rather sad.

Open-Source Publishing

December 28, 2014

“These are being made available open source and will be eventually published as books using modern publishing methods over which the dogmatists have no control. ”

The original concept was indeed to bypass, and speed up, some of the usual steps in academic publishing. It was conceived by real scientists in the belief that good ideas would be taken up, and pseudoscience would be detected and rejected. At first we feared that open-source would make life easy for the lunatic fringe, but this fear was unfounded. Arxiv, which originally relaxed all controls, was eventually forced to introduce peer-review after all. Nonsense in other outlets is read, but ignored.

“Obviously the dogmatists would try to censor the books as they have been doing, and failing, for years.”

There is no need to censor; real scientists simply do not cite crackpot work, even if they deign to read it. There is a danger that students may be led astray and cripple their careers. On the other hand, one can well do without students who are that stupid … they would simply continue the cycle. The biggest danger is that people with power, but no scientific insight, might be seduced, but the constant back-biting of politicians will ensure that any one of them who favors perpetual motion will soon be ridiculed.

“It has become obvious that dogmatists dishonestly censor highest quality physics.”

That would indeed be dishonest, if the physics was really of the highest quality, but that is entirely irrelevant here. Ron is becoming the international ‘standard unit’ of pseudoscience.

“A glance at the vast readership of ECE is enough to prove that beyond doubt. The readership is from the highest ranking universities and similar worldwide, in essentially all the countries of the world. ”

But nobody knows the who or why of the ‘readership’. Ron is pathetically grateful for the few e-mails which he receives, but nobody (apart from AIAS conspirators) comments favorably on anything connected with Ron.

“So the dogmatists have faded over time into a tiny group of bigots which happens to have transient control over thought in establishment circles – or so they think.”

Mainstream physicists do not know who Ron is and, if they did, they would clamour loudly for his removal from the Civil List.

Career Change

December 27, 2014

If confirmed, important LENR replication report

December 27, 2014

Excellent news!”

Yes, this is quite a change in the research interests of Parkhomov, who is better known for his work (LOL) on telekinesis.

Perhaps that glowing LENR tube is being heated directly by his mental energy … in the style of Forbidden Planet:


Kicking Away the Supports

December 25, 2014

“Especial thanks and Greetings on this Christmas Day to Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe of the University of Denver, Colorado, U. S. A. He sums up the lamentable failures of the bad part of the old University system in his devastating condemnation of UNCC, number twenty in the attached.”

In that attached list, one also finds support from a Dr Abas, who later said of Ron,

“The 2 appointments mentioned below were [sic] turned out to be the greatest blunders of my professional life and on hindsight, I should not have allowed myself to be seduced. I am listing them because they are factual events which consumed a lot of my time and energy. I intend to elaborate someday and use them to illustrate that: One who has a PhD and a DSc and has published 500 scientific papers can behave in grossly ignorant and dogmatic ways. (Fellow of the Alpha Institute for Advanced Study, April 2004 – resigned February 2006) (Associate Artist of the House of Alpha Institute for Advanced Study, April 2004 – resigned February 2006)”

and from a Dr Viv Pope. We can find no proof that Pope had a doctorate. He was a telephone engineer, who later took a night-school course in philosophy and himself became a fully-fledged nutcase. Some people wake up and others go to sleep.

‘Defamation’ from Beyond the Grave

July 10, 2012

Death of a Welsh Crackpot

February 13, 2013

Historical Analogy

December 24, 2014

“Many thanks again to Axel Westrenius in Australia. It was the testing team that analyzed the ash, not Rossi. The extra theoretical input needed is clearly provided by ECE theory – energy from spacetime – and Dr Douglas Lindstrom is preparing a white paper applying ECE to LENR.”

… and some of us can remember the time, just 40 years ago, when ‘testing teams’ were examining spoons which had been ‘melted’ by Uri Geller. At least one paper appeared, in a reputable metallurgical journal, ‘proving’ that a previously unknown phenomenon was at work. There are always those who want to believe, and they are no match for unscrupulous conmen. Why does Rossi not protect his process by applying for a patent, and then let others run their own experiments? Until then, the testers will be no more effective than the members of the audience who are called upon to inspect an escapologist’s padlocks or a conjurer’s cabinet.