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December 31, 2014

“The blog or diary of shattered the five year record in 2014, the leading external referrer is”

So Ron is actually proud of being a hit among the drooling conspiracy-theorists and anti-semites who make up Rancid’s constituency. How sad. We have noted previously that the only referring URL which comes anywhere near being ‘scientific’ is New Scientist; but that rag is run by tabloid journalists and is little better than Fortean Times. We know, from previous lists, that by far the most active referring URL is itself. Ignoring Google, the next URL in terms of activity is the website of the conman, John Searl. Journal of Nuclear Physics, despite its reputable-sounding name, is run by Rossi and his friends. Oh Ron, where did it all go wrong? What happened to that glittering career? 


Book Report

December 31, 2014

“This is given in “Vector Analysis Problem Solver” chapter 16, the chapter on volume integrals. I use example 16.3 of VAPS to justify the correct expression for the intensity of black body radiation from the Planck distribution.”

Is that the only relevant book that you possess? We recall that you were hugging it years ago when photographed by a local newspaper. It is well known to be inferior. The main problem is that it is not even a textbook; it is a just a collection of worked problems. So how do you expect to obtain insight into new situations if you have to depend upon finding a calculation that merely looks like the one that concerns you? 

The Ron and Rancid Show

December 30, 2014

“It was a pleasure to talk to Jeff Rense again, and thanks for his invitation. The program was broadcast on 29th Dec. from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. California time, (5.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. on 30th Dec., today, here in Wales). It discussed the basics of Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) theory and various applications (, notably energy from spacetime ( and low energy nuclear reactors (LENR).”

Rancid did not sand-bag Ron as badly as we would have liked, although being asked about electric-universe theory might have thrown him a bit because that is the domain of Dunging-Davies; another Welsh disaster-area and former friend of Ron. Dunging-Davies also believes, like Ron, that spinning-tops really can levitate. When Dunging received a Telesio-Galilei gold medal (which Ron now calls worthless), Dunging’s university featured the award in its yearbook; thus suggesting that the academic world is too easily infiltrated by pseudoscientific nonsense. Ron also had to field a question about space travel, and waffled about tachyons. If a real physicist had been asked that question, he would have brought up wormholes. Ron could not do that, of course, because a wormhole is a sort of black hole, so he had to fall back on the least-likely unobserved particle (most particles were predicted on the basis of conservation laws; the tachyon is little more than a mathematical artefact). Ron fielded most questions by falling back on the loony-tune’s favourite incantation, “real scientists are open-minded, therefore they cannot deny anything”.  Fortunately, real scientists can also assign probabilities accurately, and those probabilities may as well be zero in the case of the sort of nonsense pushed by Ron and Rancid.   

More Rancid Rubbish

December 30, 2014

This is the sort of person that Rancid likes:

They almost make look Ron look normal. Rancid is a big fan of ozone therapy. Ozone is toxic. Perhaps it will cure all of his problems.

Rancid #2

December 29, 2014

Some Ideas for the Second Rense Program Broadcast

December 29, 2014

It will be very interesting. My contact phone number is the same as for the first interview. The main points might consist of a discussion of the discovery of the B(3) field at Cornell Theory Center in late 1991.”

We are really looking forward to this, as we confidently expect Rancid to sand-bag Ron. After all, another broadcast on the same day will feature an ex-NASA employee (they are always the flakiest) talking about being spied on by little green men. Will Rancid really let Ron ramble on about his theories or will he be more interested in discussing perpetual motion and anti-gravity? What will Ron do if he is pressed to confirm his tool, Jackson’s, claims to the effect that the Rockefellers planted Einstein in the Swiss patent office and that Einstein and Cartan helped the Nazis to build their famous (in the lunatic fringe) antigravity machines? If he should dare to back Jackson up, we know just where to send copies of the recording!


December 28, 2014

“About one hundred and sixty UFT papers have been translated into Castillian Spanish by Alex Hill, whose company routinely supplies Fortune Fifty industry in Mexico with new energy devices ( that can be explained plausibly with ECE theory, but not with the obsolete Maxwell Heaviside theory.”

That would be the ET3M company housed in a hovel (do we have to post that photo again), apparently unlisted at the Mexican equivalent of Companies House and run by someone who thinks that hydroelectric plants extract energy from gravity. Why does such a ‘successful’ company not reflect this in its website (not updated since May); why indeed does that website have no Alexa ranking at all? If it were not so obviously crooked, it would be rather sad.

Open-Source Publishing

December 28, 2014

“These are being made available open source and will be eventually published as books using modern publishing methods over which the dogmatists have no control. ”

The original concept was indeed to bypass, and speed up, some of the usual steps in academic publishing. It was conceived by real scientists in the belief that good ideas would be taken up, and pseudoscience would be detected and rejected. At first we feared that open-source would make life easy for the lunatic fringe, but this fear was unfounded. Arxiv, which originally relaxed all controls, was eventually forced to introduce peer-review after all. Nonsense in other outlets is read, but ignored.

“Obviously the dogmatists would try to censor the books as they have been doing, and failing, for years.”

There is no need to censor; real scientists simply do not cite crackpot work, even if they deign to read it. There is a danger that students may be led astray and cripple their careers. On the other hand, one can well do without students who are that stupid … they would simply continue the cycle. The biggest danger is that people with power, but no scientific insight, might be seduced, but the constant back-biting of politicians will ensure that any one of them who favors perpetual motion will soon be ridiculed.

“It has become obvious that dogmatists dishonestly censor highest quality physics.”

That would indeed be dishonest, if the physics was really of the highest quality, but that is entirely irrelevant here. Ron is becoming the international ‘standard unit’ of pseudoscience.

“A glance at the vast readership of ECE is enough to prove that beyond doubt. The readership is from the highest ranking universities and similar worldwide, in essentially all the countries of the world. ”

But nobody knows the who or why of the ‘readership’. Ron is pathetically grateful for the few e-mails which he receives, but nobody (apart from AIAS conspirators) comments favorably on anything connected with Ron.

“So the dogmatists have faded over time into a tiny group of bigots which happens to have transient control over thought in establishment circles – or so they think.”

Mainstream physicists do not know who Ron is and, if they did, they would clamour loudly for his removal from the Civil List.

Career Change

December 27, 2014

If confirmed, important LENR replication report

December 27, 2014

Excellent news!”

Yes, this is quite a change in the research interests of Parkhomov, who is better known for his work (LOL) on telekinesis.

Perhaps that glowing LENR tube is being heated directly by his mental energy … in the style of Forbidden Planet:


Kicking Away the Supports

December 25, 2014

“Especial thanks and Greetings on this Christmas Day to Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe of the University of Denver, Colorado, U. S. A. He sums up the lamentable failures of the bad part of the old University system in his devastating condemnation of UNCC, number twenty in the attached.”

In that attached list, one also finds support from a Dr Abas, who later said of Ron,

“The 2 appointments mentioned below were [sic] turned out to be the greatest blunders of my professional life and on hindsight, I should not have allowed myself to be seduced. I am listing them because they are factual events which consumed a lot of my time and energy. I intend to elaborate someday and use them to illustrate that: One who has a PhD and a DSc and has published 500 scientific papers can behave in grossly ignorant and dogmatic ways. (Fellow of the Alpha Institute for Advanced Study, April 2004 – resigned February 2006) (Associate Artist of the House of Alpha Institute for Advanced Study, April 2004 – resigned February 2006)”

and from a Dr Viv Pope. We can find no proof that Pope had a doctorate. He was a telephone engineer, who later took a night-school course in philosophy and himself became a fully-fledged nutcase. Some people wake up and others go to sleep.

‘Defamation’ from Beyond the Grave

July 10, 2012

Death of a Welsh Crackpot

February 13, 2013

Historical Analogy

December 24, 2014

“Many thanks again to Axel Westrenius in Australia. It was the testing team that analyzed the ash, not Rossi. The extra theoretical input needed is clearly provided by ECE theory – energy from spacetime – and Dr Douglas Lindstrom is preparing a white paper applying ECE to LENR.”

… and some of us can remember the time, just 40 years ago, when ‘testing teams’ were examining spoons which had been ‘melted’ by Uri Geller. At least one paper appeared, in a reputable metallurgical journal, ‘proving’ that a previously unknown phenomenon was at work. There are always those who want to believe, and they are no match for unscrupulous conmen. Why does Rossi not protect his process by applying for a patent, and then let others run their own experiments? Until then, the testers will be no more effective than the members of the audience who are called upon to inspect an escapologist’s padlocks or a conjurer’s cabinet.  

Continued Acclaim

December 21, 2014

“UFT88 is a classic paper and continues to be read intensively worldwide. It has been read off www.aias.usalmost a hundred times this month. Yesterday it was read at the University of Korea, ranked number 278 in the webometrics rankings, with 37,600 students. It was founded in 1905 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. UFT88 has been greatly developed, culminating in UFT255, where the correct second Bianchi identity with torsion is given.”

And yet nobody ever cites these ‘intensively read papers’; not even their own authors!  This is true not only of bona fide academic journals, but also of the many crackpot ‘journals’, such as Progress in Physics. Here is another odd thing: looking at the list of AIAS ‘Fellows’, one notices that the original ones all have their qualifications lovingly spelled out. None of the recent ones appear to have any scientific credentials. Why is that? By the way, Ron, did you know that one of those recent recruits has ‘gone off your reservation’? Mr Amoroso has had the temerity to patent a spacetime device without mentioning ECE! He instead attributes its mode of functioning (haha) to ‘Holographic Anthropic Multiverse’ theory. Perhaps you should ‘have a quiet word with him’; dissent in the ranks, and all that. 

Paradigm Shift in the Wrong Direction

December 18, 2014

“This looks like an interesting idea. The aether theory is supported to some extent by the vacuum potential of ECE theory (e.g. UFT85, which has become another classic paper heavily studied around the world for seven or eight years).”

We collectively have no time for Thomas Kuhn, whose concept of ‘scientific revolution’ was itself a contrived piece of pseudoscience; using a pick ‘n’ mix technique to ‘prove’ a preconceived and untenable theory. Here Ron’s supposed ‘revolution’ is clearly heading in the wrong direction. The Aether was the magical fluid (?) that everybody believed to fill all space so that electromagnetic waves would ‘have something to wave in’. One of the most famous experiments in history (Michelson-Morley) proved that it was undetectable and the theoretical work of Maxwell and Einstein showed that it was not needed. Nowadays, belief in the aether is one of the prime characteristics of the pseudoscientist. So it is really no great surprise to find Ron now wittering-on about it.  Moreover, the closest thing to an aether that is currently subscribed to is Dirac’s ‘sea’. However, Ron has derided this in the past, thus leaving himself nowhere to go.

PS Of course, nobody who counts has ever commented favourably on Ron’s ‘heavily studied’ paper. Ron will still be making the same claim a decade from now: it will then be just as untrue … and even more pathetic.  

How Real Science is Done

December 16, 2014

Pseudoscientists like Ron have always exhibited the same traits: they declare that everybody else (especially Einstein) is wrong, succeed in convincing only a minute group of fellow-idiots of this and, when their ideas are ignored by ‘the mainstream’, they cry ‘dogma’, ‘bias’, ‘closed-mindedness’, ‘vested interests’ and even bribery (particularly by ‘Big Oil’*). Here is a constructive geometrically-inspired paper, published in a highly-reputable journal, which exhibits none of the paranoia exhibited by Ron-style crackpots, but nevertheless tackles some of the ‘sacred cows’ and puzzles of accepted physics. Enjoy (it is also open-access).

*Recall that Ron’s pal, Jackson, told Jeff Rancid that Big Oil, in the form of the Rockefellers, had installed Einstein in the Swiss patent office in order to undermine Tesla. Ron did not demur, or chastise Jackson, which means that he also subscribes to such drivel.  


December 9, 2014

Here is a particularly revolting example of the output of that generally nauseating loon and conspiracy-theorist,

What awful sense of desperation has driven Ron to want, or need, to associate himself voluntarily with this human offal? Let us hope that the contamination does not spread, via Ron, to Sewage and thence to Ceredigion County Council. Politics is such a dirty business.

Falling Off a Roof

December 8, 2014

“Dear Jeff Rense,

Many thanks for inviting me for a second interview, and to Michael Jackson for his valuable introduction. I will stand by here at 5.00 a.m on Dec. 30th., 9.00 a.m on Dec. 29th Pacific time.”

K’ung Fu-tzu is said to have remarked that, “there is no greater pleasure than watching an old friend fall off a roof”. And Ron is by no means a friend, so this decidedly suicidal (reputation-wise) urge of his to associate himself with the despicable Rancid is a positive joy to us. Is the detailed timetable available yet? Will Ron’s slot be squeezed between those of a psychic and an ufologist? Or, being the end of the year, will an astrologer follow Ron? We can hardly wait. It would really make our day if Rancid were to ask Ron to enlarge on Jackson’s claims concerning Einstein. What does a downward-aimed bullet, smashing through the flesh and bone of one’s own foot actually sound like? 


December 8, 2014

“Many thanks to Michael Jackson for preparing this archive so well again, and many thanks in anticipation to Dave Burleigh. If posted today it will be in time for the British Library archive tomorrow (Dec. 9th 2014). If we miss the deadline it will be archived next quarter (March 9th 2015).”

We are very pleased with this. To begin with, the archiving is not the great honour which Ron imagines it to be. One has only to look at the range of sites archived to realize that it is just an update of the Government’s ‘mass observation’ experiment of the 1930s. Now, as then, they gather everything up – with no regard to quality – in order to provide a ‘snapshot’ of present-day life for use by future historians. The second point is that all of Ron’s nonsense is now ‘set in stone’; when he eventually becomes a public figure-of-fun he will be unable to play the Winston Smith and re-write his embarrassing blog. So keep up the bad work Ron!

Technical Note

December 8, 2014

“Pleasure! The n photon theory will probably produce a more realistic result but this gives an idea of what takes place in total internal reflection. The refracted light is directed along the interface between the glass and air.”

New theories must of course explain all of the experimental results that the old one was able to do, plus more. After all, what is the point of changing if change is not needed? This is where Ron’s ‘fits where it touches’ theorizing breaks down. There is a phenomenon, well-known to physicists but not mentioned in elementary textbooks, which is relevant to total internal reflection. Any bets on a) whether Ron even knows about it or b) whether his theory will automatically predict it? 

Insufferably Two-Faced

December 6, 2014

“Uncontrolled monoglot immigration is immensely harmful to the Welsh language. There is still no tertiary outlet for the excellent Welsh medium secondary schools. There are plans for a useless new university for foreign students”

Anybody who contributed to that process should certainly give himself a slap on the wrist, if not a punch on the nose. Who do we know who fits the bill? Well, one Welsh resident imported someone who did not speak Welsh, Then, for good measure, he imported two or three more. For the sake of variety, these were not monoglot. On the other hand, their languages still did not include Welsh. The new university is certainly not needed, as there was plenty of room at an existing Swansea university for at least one of the above imports. So who exactly did all of this damage to the Welsh language? Take a bow, Ron!


December 6, 2014

“The continued fraction was first presented at a conference in Gregynog in late 1975. At the time George Wyllie checked its algebra by hand, and praised it at the conference. This led Mansel Davies to accept it.”

Ron’s continued-fraction work was certainly more successful than the rest. For the relevant papers (28, 35, 37, 106) in the opera omnia, the stats are:

28 – 1976 – cited once; not Ron

35 – 1977 – cited 3 times, not Ron

37 – 1977 – cited 4 times, 75% by Ron

106 – 1981 – cited 3 times, 33% by Ron

Hang on. Only 11 citations (30% self-referenced) in over 30 years; is that more ‘acclaim’?

New Definition of ‘Acclaimed’

December 5, 2014

“This will be the incorporation of two variable memory function theory, first on the single photon level then on the n photon level to see if it is tractable. This method explained the far infra red for the first time as in the acclaimed Omnia Opera 20 with Gareth Evans: G. J. Evans and M. W. Evans, “Use of the Memory Function to Simulate the Debye and Poley Absorptions in Liquids”, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. II, 72, 1169 (1976). This paper and others like it led to my D. Sc. degree in early 1978, The Harrison Memorial Prize in 1978, The Meldola Medal in 1979, two SERC Advanced Fellowships (intended by the Government for tenure), a University of Wales Fellowship and Sloan Foundation Fellowship, and several offers of lectureships.”

This paper has been cited only 15 times in nearly 40 years and, of course, a quarter of the citations were by Ron. A brief survey of the other citing papers indicates that the work was mentioned only en passant. None of this fits any realistic definition of acclaim. During the same period, the modest effort of just one of us has been cited nearly 4000 times. 


December 5, 2014

Second Interview with Jeff Rense

December 5, 2014

Many thanks! I would be glad to do an interview on Dec 29th. 9.00 am Pacific Time is 5.00 a.m. here, so that would be a repeat of the time of the last program.”

We can hardly compete with Ron himself in exposing him for the pseudoscientific fool that he is. Can he not see that he is being played by Rancid? The latter now has a tame ‘victimized scientist’, for his menagerie, who will spout nonsense on-cue about ‘free energy’ and, no doubt, antigravity. How can it possibly help Ron’s reputation (not that anything can) to be interviewed by an anti-semitic host who specializes in talking to ufologists and conspiracy theorists?

Is Rancid aware of the close connections between Ron and John Searl? Ron should really make a point of mentioning it. In the lunatic fringe, knowing Searl is as good as knowing Obama.

Yet More Combing

December 4, 2014

Variable angle power reflection spectroscopy from surface liquid films

Published in 1986, written by Sewage and Ron, and very close in spirit to their current obsession. How well did that go? Oops, another duck citation-wise. Could the entire opera omnia be a crock? One can quite understand why they both forwent a proper career in science.

More Combing

December 4, 2014

Variable Angle Submillimetre Laser Reflection Spectroscopy of Semiconductors

Published in 1984, not cited at all!

Calculation of the infrared reflection spectra of inhomogeneously doped silicon semiconductor layers at an arbitrary angle of incidence

Published in 1986. Just for variety, this has been cited 11 times. Nine of those mentions were by either Ron or his co-author (Hild). It is unclear whether the remaining mentions made specific use of Ron’s work, or whether it was thoughtlessly ‘hoovered-up’ by a survey of the literature. Aargh! Somebody stop us. This is just too addictive and is keeping us from real scientific work.

Fine-Tooth Combing

December 4, 2014

Here is another paper from the Opera Omnia,

A Theoretical estimation of power reflection spectroscopy as an analytical technique

Published in 1980, it has been cited only once by … wait for it … oh jeez, need we bother? Hey, this is a fun game that anyone can play. Why not join in folks? Nobody listened to you then, Ron, and they are not listening now.

Working in a Vacuum

December 4, 2014

Rapid Development of Ideas

December 4, 2014

This is because the work is seen to be good work. Otherwise there would be no interest in it.”

This ‘development’ is easy because no informed critics (apart from ourselves) know about it, and there is encouragement from yes-men and the similarly-deluded. In a real scientific environment, opposition and criticism already begin in the common-room and the theory or experimental result has to ‘run the gauntlet’ before being allowed anywhere near a journal.  These are essential Baconian controls which prevent the development of the sort of pseudoscientific ideas which develop when a minute group isolates itself from the rational scientific world. 

Opera Omnia

December 3, 2014

My Previous Work on Power Reflectivity

December 3, 2014

This is all available in the Omnia Opera, reviewed in Autobiography Volume Two, paper by paper. It is all in the Omnia Opera Section of Click on “Myron Evans”, then “Omnia Opera”. Then click on the blue coloured titles of the Omnia Opera and the original papers come up.”

We really must go through all of those papers with a fine-tooth comb one day. Picking on just one paper, 

Power reflection spectroscopy near the brewster angle. Molecular dynamics of liquids,

we find that it has been cited only 8 times since 1980, and that the only person who cited it was … Ron. We thought that this pattern of behavior was a feature only of his loony papers. Could it be that he is an entirely self-referenced academic?


Of Course it is Not Vanity

December 3, 2014

New Generation Publishing

December 3, 2014

Many thanks for your message. As you know, my Autobiography Volume One was originally produced with Authors Online, which printed off a few copies for distribution to friends and local libraries.”

Perhaps Sub-Prime (Mr Bannister) should have a quiet word with Ron and try to dissuade him from the dubious commercial practice of trying to sell something after first saturating the market by giving it away. Incidentally, we are puzzled by the fact that Riecansky is still listed as an AIAS Fellow even though he has dropped Ron’s self-written, self-refereed and self-read journal. Finally, some people are not so enthusiastic about Ron’s new publisher,

More Delusions

December 3, 2014

“By coincidence I noticed by googling “title of professor” that Oxford is thinking of giving all lecturers the title of professor.”

The salient point being that the title would be given; not purloined by the lecturer himself. 

“The earned title is of course Doctor. ”

Agreed. One does not have the right to be a professor just because one has a particular qualification.

“The original Budapest court document of 1998 established the Alpha Foundation, named after the fine structure constant alpha.”

Does it really require a ‘court document’ to set up a crackpot group, based in one’s apartment in a scruffy tenement block? Perhaps it was a leftover habit of the communist state.

“I was appointed for life as Director of the Alpha Foundation’s Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS) with absolute powers, like my ancestral cousin Oliver Cromwell, but I tried not to use them. ”

Hilarious: one nonentity bestows ‘powers’ faute-de-mieux on another nonentity. On a related note, it is strange how populist and communist ‘principles’ always throw up dictators who are worse than kings.

“Later, AIAS was registered in Boise, Idaho as a not for profit organization, and became UPITEC. ”

Yep, registered by a loony-tune who once collaborated with the notorious conman, John Searl, and who himself applied for a patent on a fatuous ‘reactionless propulsion’ (aka antigravity) device.

“I have incorporated AIAS in to the Newlands Family Trust.”

What value did the solicitors put on that dubious asset? It could be a real liability. We rather hope that LENR salesmen manage to foist their perpetual-motion machines on gullible buyers. When the buyers realize that they have been conned, they might start a class-action suit to get their money back … and include AIAS in the process, for providing theoretical ‘confirmation’ of a nonexistent phenomenon!

“In my experience at the EDCL at least two professors did not have any personal ethical standards at all. It is generally regarded as a recognition of academic achievement. However, that depends on the ethical standards of academia. ”

Ron repeatedly badmouths his alma mater and its professors. But they awarded him that undeserved DSc. How can he criticize them, without himself undermining its value?

“All AIAS Fellows are most certainly scholarly teachers. ”

We have always said that ‘teacher’ is a value-free concept. Jesuits and propagandists of the communist and fascist states were experts at inculcating their world-views. They were evidently good teachers, but that did not make their world-views any the less repulsive.

“If athletes with no academic qualifications can be called professor, so can anyone at all. ”

Indeed. One can also ‘earn’ doctorates in parapsychology, even though there is no reproducible proof of any paranormal phenomenon. Ditto theology. 

Delusions of Grandeur

December 2, 2014

“The attached image by my step daughter Alina can be used by the AIAS Fellows, who may each use the title of Professor. It can be used by their children and grand children and so on, and also by my relatives.”

That would entail an entirely new definition of ‘professor’. Ron has already been ‘ticked off’ in the past, by the Welsh government, for trying to found an illegal university: Penderghastly, for example, was in line for a chair at that cloud-cuckoo-land institute. The badge is rather badly designed (the gouttes should be mirrored) and clumsily drawn (note the uneven ends of the concentric circles). But the worst aspect is that we can see only a pencil-necked thin-lipped goofy cartoon character sporting a halo. Go on, just try to see it any other way now.