More Delusions

“By coincidence I noticed by googling “title of professor” that Oxford is thinking of giving all lecturers the title of professor.”

The salient point being that the title would be given; not purloined by the lecturer himself. 

“The earned title is of course Doctor. ”

Agreed. One does not have the right to be a professor just because one has a particular qualification.

“The original Budapest court document of 1998 established the Alpha Foundation, named after the fine structure constant alpha.”

Does it really require a ‘court document’ to set up a crackpot group, based in one’s apartment in a scruffy tenement block? Perhaps it was a leftover habit of the communist state.

“I was appointed for life as Director of the Alpha Foundation’s Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS) with absolute powers, like my ancestral cousin Oliver Cromwell, but I tried not to use them. ”

Hilarious: one nonentity bestows ‘powers’ faute-de-mieux on another nonentity. On a related note, it is strange how populist and communist ‘principles’ always throw up dictators who are worse than kings.

“Later, AIAS was registered in Boise, Idaho as a not for profit organization, and became UPITEC. ”

Yep, registered by a loony-tune who once collaborated with the notorious conman, John Searl, and who himself applied for a patent on a fatuous ‘reactionless propulsion’ (aka antigravity) device.

“I have incorporated AIAS in to the Newlands Family Trust.”

What value did the solicitors put on that dubious asset? It could be a real liability. We rather hope that LENR salesmen manage to foist their perpetual-motion machines on gullible buyers. When the buyers realize that they have been conned, they might start a class-action suit to get their money back … and include AIAS in the process, for providing theoretical ‘confirmation’ of a nonexistent phenomenon!

“In my experience at the EDCL at least two professors did not have any personal ethical standards at all. It is generally regarded as a recognition of academic achievement. However, that depends on the ethical standards of academia. ”

Ron repeatedly badmouths his alma mater and its professors. But they awarded him that undeserved DSc. How can he criticize them, without himself undermining its value?

“All AIAS Fellows are most certainly scholarly teachers. ”

We have always said that ‘teacher’ is a value-free concept. Jesuits and propagandists of the communist and fascist states were experts at inculcating their world-views. They were evidently good teachers, but that did not make their world-views any the less repulsive.

“If athletes with no academic qualifications can be called professor, so can anyone at all. ”

Indeed. One can also ‘earn’ doctorates in parapsychology, even though there is no reproducible proof of any paranormal phenomenon. Ditto theology. 


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