Opera Omnia

My Previous Work on Power Reflectivity

December 3, 2014

This is all available in the Omnia Opera, reviewed in Autobiography Volume Two, paper by paper. It is all in the Omnia Opera Section of www.aias.us. Click on “Myron Evans”, then “Omnia Opera”. Then click on the blue coloured titles of the Omnia Opera and the original papers come up.”

We really must go through all of those papers with a fine-tooth comb one day. Picking on just one paper, 

Power reflection spectroscopy near the brewster angle. Molecular dynamics of liquids,

we find that it has been cited only 8 times since 1980, and that the only person who cited it was … Ron. We thought that this pattern of behavior was a feature only of his loony papers. Could it be that he is an entirely self-referenced academic?



One Response to “Opera Omnia”

  1. agrimer Says:

    “Desert Island Disks?” – Please give Moron a one way ticket!

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