Second Interview with Jeff Rense

December 5, 2014

Many thanks! I would be glad to do an interview on Dec 29th. 9.00 am Pacific Time is 5.00 a.m. here, so that would be a repeat of the time of the last program.”

We can hardly compete with Ron himself in exposing him for the pseudoscientific fool that he is. Can he not see that he is being played by Rancid? The latter now has a tame ‘victimized scientist’, for his menagerie, who will spout nonsense on-cue about ‘free energy’ and, no doubt, antigravity. How can it possibly help Ron’s reputation (not that anything can) to be interviewed by an anti-semitic host who specializes in talking to ufologists and conspiracy theorists?

Is Rancid aware of the close connections between Ron and John Searl? Ron should really make a point of mentioning it. In the lunatic fringe, knowing Searl is as good as knowing Obama.


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