New Definition of ‘Acclaimed’

“This will be the incorporation of two variable memory function theory, first on the single photon level then on the n photon level to see if it is tractable. This method explained the far infra red for the first time as in the acclaimed Omnia Opera 20 with Gareth Evans: G. J. Evans and M. W. Evans, “Use of the Memory Function to Simulate the Debye and Poley Absorptions in Liquids”, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. II, 72, 1169 (1976). This paper and others like it led to my D. Sc. degree in early 1978, The Harrison Memorial Prize in 1978, The Meldola Medal in 1979, two SERC Advanced Fellowships (intended by the Government for tenure), a University of Wales Fellowship and Sloan Foundation Fellowship, and several offers of lectureships.”

This paper has been cited only 15 times in nearly 40 years and, of course, a quarter of the citations were by Ron. A brief survey of the other citing papers indicates that the work was mentioned only en passant. None of this fits any realistic definition of acclaim. During the same period, the modest effort of just one of us has been cited nearly 4000 times. 


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