Insufferably Two-Faced

“Uncontrolled monoglot immigration is immensely harmful to the Welsh language. There is still no tertiary outlet for the excellent Welsh medium secondary schools. There are plans for a useless new university for foreign students”

Anybody who contributed to that process should certainly give himself a slap on the wrist, if not a punch on the nose. Who do we know who fits the bill? Well, one Welsh resident imported someone who did not speak Welsh, Then, for good measure, he imported two or three more. For the sake of variety, these were not monoglot. On the other hand, their languages still did not include Welsh. The new university is certainly not needed, as there was plenty of room at an existing Swansea university for at least one of the above imports. So who exactly did all of this damage to the Welsh language? Take a bow, Ron!


5 Responses to “Insufferably Two-Faced”

  1. agrimer Says:

    He also virulently opposes Affordable Housing for young Welsh speaking local families in his own village. He is an utter hypocrite.

  2. agrimer Says:

    He was seen about the village today 6-12-14 with a couple of other crackpots muttering about the Duke of Beaufort and also about stopping Affordable Housing for young local Welsh speaking families. One of his companions was the laughable “Owain Glyndwr Ambassador” and another was “Red Pitchfork Gruff”. The trio were looking extremely pathetic. Are they all attending at Gellinudd Clinic for prescribed medicines? It is a bit worrying for villagers to see such people rambling incoherently in the streets and rambling in talk and in minds. Please can Social Services take care of these people.

  3. Boda Says:

    Ron says today 16-12-14:-

    ” I have seen wholesale destruction of chapels and churches. All of this must prohibited by law if we are to maintain our dignity as a Nation”.

    Strange comment above as he never goes to any place of worship in his own village despite his boasts of how one of his ancestors was a founder of the nearest chapel only several hundred metres from his home. Come to think of it he has not been seen in any of these places listed below:-
    his village community hall; his village shop; his village school; his village pub; his village chapels; his village social events; his village concerts; his village football field; his village clubs and societies; his village Community Council. These are the places where the Welsh language is spoken and kept alive, yet he does not participate at all. The fact is that he does ZERO ZILCH NOTHING to keep the community spirit alive and nothing for the Welsh Language! .

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