Falling Off a Roof

“Dear Jeff Rense,

Many thanks for inviting me for a second interview, and to Michael Jackson for his valuable introduction. I will stand by here at 5.00 a.m on Dec. 30th., 9.00 a.m on Dec. 29th Pacific time.”

K’ung Fu-tzu is said to have remarked that, “there is no greater pleasure than watching an old friend fall off a roof”. And Ron is by no means a friend, so this decidedly suicidal (reputation-wise) urge of his to associate himself with the despicable Rancid is a positive joy to us. Is the detailed timetable available yet? Will Ron’s slot be squeezed between those of a psychic and an ufologist? Or, being the end of the year, will an astrologer follow Ron? We can hardly wait. It would really make our day if Rancid were to ask Ron to enlarge on Jackson’s claims concerning Einstein. What does a downward-aimed bullet, smashing through the flesh and bone of one’s own foot actually sound like? 


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