Technical Note

“Pleasure! The n photon theory will probably produce a more realistic result but this gives an idea of what takes place in total internal reflection. The refracted light is directed along the interface between the glass and air.”

New theories must of course explain all of the experimental results that the old one was able to do, plus more. After all, what is the point of changing if change is not needed? This is where Ron’s ‘fits where it touches’ theorizing breaks down. There is a phenomenon, well-known to physicists but not mentioned in elementary textbooks, which is relevant to total internal reflection. Any bets on a) whether Ron even knows about it or b) whether his theory will automatically predict it? 

2 Responses to “Technical Note”

  1. Paul Dirac Says:

    They are now claiming that the olive oil FLUORESCENCE phenomenon is in fact proof that reflection or refraction always produces a frequency shift. Are these jokers for real? Has it not occurred to them that a century of experimentation has proved otherwise, often with equipment billions of orders more accurate than a laser pen and the human eye, wielded in an amateur’s kitchen? It’s beyond belief, this nonsense.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      They are perhaps the most ridiculous and pernicious pseudoscientists that have ever existed. Searl and his friends are more visible, as are Bearden and his friends, but they have not been given awards that properly belong to real scientists. What on Earth has happened to British science, that one of these idiots gets a highly symbolic pension from the Queen and another gets a Hauksbee Medal from the Royal Society. Both honors have been tarnished.

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