How Real Science is Done

Pseudoscientists like Ron have always exhibited the same traits: they declare that everybody else (especially Einstein) is wrong, succeed in convincing only a minute group of fellow-idiots of this and, when their ideas are ignored by ‘the mainstream’, they cry ‘dogma’, ‘bias’, ‘closed-mindedness’, ‘vested interests’ and even bribery (particularly by ‘Big Oil’*). Here is a constructive geometrically-inspired paper, published in a highly-reputable journal, which exhibits none of the paranoia exhibited by Ron-style crackpots, but nevertheless tackles some of the ‘sacred cows’ and puzzles of accepted physics. Enjoy (it is also open-access).

*Recall that Ron’s pal, Jackson, told Jeff Rancid that Big Oil, in the form of the Rockefellers, had installed Einstein in the Swiss patent office in order to undermine Tesla. Ron did not demur, or chastise Jackson, which means that he also subscribes to such drivel.  


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