Paradigm Shift in the Wrong Direction

“This looks like an interesting idea. The aether theory is supported to some extent by the vacuum potential of ECE theory (e.g. UFT85, which has become another classic paper heavily studied around the world for seven or eight years).”

We collectively have no time for Thomas Kuhn, whose concept of ‘scientific revolution’ was itself a contrived piece of pseudoscience; using a pick ‘n’ mix technique to ‘prove’ a preconceived and untenable theory. Here Ron’s supposed ‘revolution’ is clearly heading in the wrong direction. The Aether was the magical fluid (?) that everybody believed to fill all space so that electromagnetic waves would ‘have something to wave in’. One of the most famous experiments in history (Michelson-Morley) proved that it was undetectable and the theoretical work of Maxwell and Einstein showed that it was not needed. Nowadays, belief in the aether is one of the prime characteristics of the pseudoscientist. So it is really no great surprise to find Ron now wittering-on about it.  Moreover, the closest thing to an aether that is currently subscribed to is Dirac’s ‘sea’. However, Ron has derided this in the past, thus leaving himself nowhere to go.

PS Of course, nobody who counts has ever commented favourably on Ron’s ‘heavily studied’ paper. Ron will still be making the same claim a decade from now: it will then be just as untrue … and even more pathetic.  


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