Continued Acclaim

“UFT88 is a classic paper and continues to be read intensively worldwide. It has been read off www.aias.usalmost a hundred times this month. Yesterday it was read at the University of Korea, ranked number 278 in the webometrics rankings, with 37,600 students. It was founded in 1905 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. UFT88 has been greatly developed, culminating in UFT255, where the correct second Bianchi identity with torsion is given.”

And yet nobody ever cites these ‘intensively read papers’; not even their own authors!  This is true not only of bona fide academic journals, but also of the many crackpot ‘journals’, such as Progress in Physics. Here is another odd thing: looking at the list of AIAS ‘Fellows’, one notices that the original ones all have their qualifications lovingly spelled out. None of the recent ones appear to have any scientific credentials. Why is that? By the way, Ron, did you know that one of those recent recruits has ‘gone off your reservation’? Mr Amoroso has had the temerity to patent a spacetime device without mentioning ECE! He instead attributes its mode of functioning (haha) to ‘Holographic Anthropic Multiverse’ theory. Perhaps you should ‘have a quiet word with him’; dissent in the ranks, and all that. 


One Response to “Continued Acclaim”

  1. Lurker Says:

    The entire patent “incident” caused quite a ruckus in the A**S-whole, with folk being “excommunicated” from His Holiness’ mailing lists (as usual, explanations & justifications given AFTER “the accused” couldn’t reply to defend himself, in a way reminiscent of a school-bully throwing someone out of his nefarious gang), rumblings of employing mighty solicitors (until it was discovered that those guys won’t do that work for Ron’s swaddling blessings, but do it for money.).
    All quite amusing to see for those of us with one eye on the goings on through the mad-fence hole into CrackersCefnParque.
    Keep up the good work Crackpotwatch.

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