Historical Analogy

“Many thanks again to Axel Westrenius in Australia. It was the testing team that analyzed the ash, not Rossi. The extra theoretical input needed is clearly provided by ECE theory – energy from spacetime – and Dr Douglas Lindstrom is preparing a white paper applying ECE to LENR.”

… and some of us can remember the time, just 40 years ago, when ‘testing teams’ were examining spoons which had been ‘melted’ by Uri Geller. At least one paper appeared, in a reputable metallurgical journal, ‘proving’ that a previously unknown phenomenon was at work. There are always those who want to believe, and they are no match for unscrupulous conmen. Why does Rossi not protect his process by applying for a patent, and then let others run their own experiments? Until then, the testers will be no more effective than the members of the audience who are called upon to inspect an escapologist’s padlocks or a conjurer’s cabinet.  


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