Open-Source Publishing

“These are being made available open source and will be eventually published as books using modern publishing methods over which the dogmatists have no control. ”

The original concept was indeed to bypass, and speed up, some of the usual steps in academic publishing. It was conceived by real scientists in the belief that good ideas would be taken up, and pseudoscience would be detected and rejected. At first we feared that open-source would make life easy for the lunatic fringe, but this fear was unfounded. Arxiv, which originally relaxed all controls, was eventually forced to introduce peer-review after all. Nonsense in other outlets is read, but ignored.

“Obviously the dogmatists would try to censor the books as they have been doing, and failing, for years.”

There is no need to censor; real scientists simply do not cite crackpot work, even if they deign to read it. There is a danger that students may be led astray and cripple their careers. On the other hand, one can well do without students who are that stupid … they would simply continue the cycle. The biggest danger is that people with power, but no scientific insight, might be seduced, but the constant back-biting of politicians will ensure that any one of them who favors perpetual motion will soon be ridiculed.

“It has become obvious that dogmatists dishonestly censor highest quality physics.”

That would indeed be dishonest, if the physics was really of the highest quality, but that is entirely irrelevant here. Ron is becoming the international ‘standard unit’ of pseudoscience.

“A glance at the vast readership of ECE is enough to prove that beyond doubt. The readership is from the highest ranking universities and similar worldwide, in essentially all the countries of the world. ”

But nobody knows the who or why of the ‘readership’. Ron is pathetically grateful for the few e-mails which he receives, but nobody (apart from AIAS conspirators) comments favorably on anything connected with Ron.

“So the dogmatists have faded over time into a tiny group of bigots which happens to have transient control over thought in establishment circles – or so they think.”

Mainstream physicists do not know who Ron is and, if they did, they would clamour loudly for his removal from the Civil List.


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