The Ron and Rancid Show

“It was a pleasure to talk to Jeff Rense again, and thanks for his invitation. The program was broadcast on 29th Dec. from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. California time, (5.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. on 30th Dec., today, here in Wales). It discussed the basics of Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) theory and various applications (, notably energy from spacetime ( and low energy nuclear reactors (LENR).”

Rancid did not sand-bag Ron as badly as we would have liked, although being asked about electric-universe theory might have thrown him a bit because that is the domain of Dunging-Davies; another Welsh disaster-area and former friend of Ron. Dunging-Davies also believes, like Ron, that spinning-tops really can levitate. When Dunging received a Telesio-Galilei gold medal (which Ron now calls worthless), Dunging’s university featured the award in its yearbook; thus suggesting that the academic world is too easily infiltrated by pseudoscientific nonsense. Ron also had to field a question about space travel, and waffled about tachyons. If a real physicist had been asked that question, he would have brought up wormholes. Ron could not do that, of course, because a wormhole is a sort of black hole, so he had to fall back on the least-likely unobserved particle (most particles were predicted on the basis of conservation laws; the tachyon is little more than a mathematical artefact). Ron fielded most questions by falling back on the loony-tune’s favourite incantation, “real scientists are open-minded, therefore they cannot deny anything”.  Fortunately, real scientists can also assign probabilities accurately, and those probabilities may as well be zero in the case of the sort of nonsense pushed by Ron and Rancid.   

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