“The blog or diary of shattered the five year record in 2014, the leading external referrer is”

So Ron is actually proud of being a hit among the drooling conspiracy-theorists and anti-semites who make up Rancid’s constituency. How sad. We have noted previously that the only referring URL which comes anywhere near being ‘scientific’ is New Scientist; but that rag is run by tabloid journalists and is little better than Fortean Times. We know, from previous lists, that by far the most active referring URL is itself. Ignoring Google, the next URL in terms of activity is the website of the conman, John Searl. Journal of Nuclear Physics, despite its reputable-sounding name, is run by Rossi and his friends. Oh Ron, where did it all go wrong? What happened to that glittering career? 


4 Responses to “Infame”

  1. Boda Says:

    I did not see his name in the UK Queen’s New Year’s Honours lists nor the names of any of his fellow Crackpots. Did they forget to post their own nomination papers or was the Cabinet office and the Palace simply unaware of their utter insignificant nuisance existence?
    By the way – he has been circulating an e mail to his advisers in his local Community (Parish) Council scandalously referring to a wrong address. Will he publicly apologise to those he falsely accuses with an incorrect address. We know he reads this Blog, – so YOU EVANS need to crawl across the road Evans and grovel an apology.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Arrrgh, do not joke about such things; not so long ago, even his getting a civil-list pension would have looked like a very bad joke. Why not simply go round to see ‘his policeman’, and report him for harassment and hate-mailing; it is the least that he would do.

  2. Boda Says:

    The Police have been made aware.

  3. Boda Says: Crackpots

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