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Craigcefnparc News #2

January 30, 2015

from a correspondent:

“Apparently Moron’s local Parish Council or Mawr Community Council is fed up receiving incessant gibberish e mails and may have written to him asking him to cease communication. This has sparked Moron’s response as [posted on his blog of today]. Before you read it, bear in mind he refers to a “Councillor Alan Davies” for advice. Well here’s news for you Moron – Mr Davies has been struck off the Council for non-attendance. So much for his civic interests in Craigcefnparc. There are vacancies on this Council now. Why don’t you Moron put yourself forward?”

Steady-on, Boda, that is how Hitler started: he was democratically elected, and then used the Reichstag’s own parliamentary rules against it, to get what he wanted.


Massless Moron

January 30, 2015

Laser light caught on camera

January 30, 2015

OK many thanks.”

We are amazed that Ron does not draw attention to videos such as these,

Do such demonstrations not prove that the photon has mass? No, they do not. If Ron would like to have this apparent paradox explained to him, all that he has to do is ask … nicely. By the way, we note yet again that Evans-the-sewage appears to be pursuing his pseudoscientific activities while being paid from the public purse (or do they enjoy an inordinate number of tea-breaks at Ceredigion County Council offices?)

Dead Horses Still Being Flogged (in Every Sense)

January 24, 2015

Indian Academy of Science: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

January 24, 2015

Many thanks, LENR is well accepted and ha been for years, so I will advise the powers that be accordingly. In fact has been well studied by Governments for twelve years.”

It will not be obvious to the layman, but these are just the ‘usual suspects’; they are now so committed to cold-fusion that they just cannot let it go. Replace ‘cold fusion’ and ‘LENR’ by ‘phlogiston’, and one is closer to the true state of affairs. Look at the reference-list of the paper which Ron helpfully attached: most of the citations are from the dawn of cold-fusion, when the topic could still get into Nature magazine. The later references are to crackpot conferences like the Indian one, or to books published by World Scientific and Infinite Energy; both of which have vanishingly low academic standards evidence-wise.  It is quite amazing how apparently intelligent people can be fooled: just look at how the John Searl scam, with which AIAS is closely associated, is doing,

Some years ago, Searl had the cheek to post online a worthless share certificate, from an earlier stage of the scam, and positively gloated about it. Why does a ‘poor pensioner’, as he terms himself, need several companies …  based in secretive tax-havens? 

By the way, Ron, political enemies of the Labour Party have been briefed about your status. No doubt they are gleefully waiting to see whether your political friend is stupid enough to mention you on the hustings.

These Lies Are Getting Very Old

January 21, 2015

“I have gone back to 2006 and can confirm strong and continuous interest from the top twenty six universities in the world, all the way back. January and February 2006 were remarkable, with multiple visits from essentially the whole lot. ”

But you do not know who is looking, and it seems that they are not about to give themselves away by citing any of your rubbish!

“This coincides exactly with the era when the feedback sites were made public. That caused a huge spike of interest so it is quiet clear that what we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg.”

‘Quiet’? Is that a Freudian slip, acknowledging that the supposed interest is 100% illusory?

“I agree with Dave Burleigh, CEO of Annexa Inc., that the feedback sites must be protected to avoid link spamming. ”

It has not been done yet?! Well, that explains a lot.

“This vast amount of interest is what it is all about for me. I am not in this for money, career, power, job or fame. I am in it for science, the excitement of discovery, and the pleasure of seeing interest in one’s work. All AIAS can share the kudos.”

It is clear that there is no money, career, power, job or fame in your brand of pseudoscience. We fear for your well-being when it finally dawns upon you that there is no interest either. 

“So the early wiki animosity has been rolled over by a steam tractor made up of the world’s best components. “Mother mother what is that / That looks like strawberry jam? / Hush hush my dear ’tis only pa /Run over by a tram”.

Nice, but to whom does it really apply?

Conmen Cited at Conference

January 21, 2015

“Many thanks to Axel Westrenius! This is an excellent development in my opinion. From a theoretical perspective LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) provide copious experimental evidence for ECE theory (UFT226 ff). I look forward to seeing LENR devices in all homes. They are already operative in industry.”

If only the speakers had limited their comments to applauding the poor demented ‘academic’ defenders of cold fusion. But instead they also mentioned dubious people such as Patterson and Mills. The latter is notorious for having conned $9,000,000 out of US public-service suppliers. The latter excused their incredibly stupid behavior by appealing to the Pascal’s wager principle, and covered their losses by putting their prices up. Pseudoscience really can be a good career for the unscrupulous pseudoscientist (how’s that for a pleonasm!) who does not mind cheating society. Note the age of the assembly; these are all senile academics, desperate to give their lives meaning by claiming to have made a great discovery. We are particularly sad to see that our old correspondent Hanno is mixed up in this. They should all read the 19th-century research on hydrogen-loaded platinum; it explains all of their ‘anomalous results’.

Record-Breaking Books

January 21, 2015

“This is a hugely successful book in open source:

Laurence Felker, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” (open source first published by Abramis Academic in 2007 in paperback)

Laurence Felker is a well known engineer, author and lecturer who lives in Nevada and lectures in California.”

“M .W. Evans, S. J. Crothers, H. Eckardt and K. Pendergast, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation” (open source).

Alex Hill and colleagues may be interested in translating it into Spanish. Its open source translation into other languages would be all to the good. The scientometrics show that translation greatly increases readership.”

It goes without saying that they are ‘open source’; nobody in their right mind would pay to read this nonsense. How are they then ‘record-breaking’? According to Google Scholar, the Felker book has been cited 216 times. Every single citation is due to members of the AIAS conspiracy … except for Felker himself! Yes, even he does not cite his own book. But why indeed would a well-known central-heating engineer need to mention any unified field theory (which are two-a-penny in both the bona fide and fringe physics literature, by the way). The other book has been cited 124 times; again, every single citation is due to the AIAS cranks. This book was published by Victor Riecansky. He has now dropped Ron, so perhaps we should not pursue him. But we cannot resist asking why he is claiming to be 51 on the Badoo dating-website (he is 70, according to Companies House). Does Lynne know? We hinted some time ago that someone else was not averse to the illicit dating game:

Craigcefnparc News

January 18, 2015

In line with our new policy, we are putting certain comments center-stage, for the general edification of all.

“Knowing Ellis Williams as we do having being and being lifelong friends it is interesting to note that Moron as he does frequently gets the facts completely wrong. Mr Williams exercised his right as the owner of the property to sell. He did so by conventional means via estate agents (realtor) on the open market. What is interesting is that the sale followed the due legal process with both the buyers and seller engaging the services of solicitors to ensure the sale was legal. It is assumed that the due process of searches revealed that Moron despite his claims in previous rants on his blog (with the comments turned off) had and still has no legal rights to No 48
The best offer was received from a local couple who tabled this with Mr Williams’ estate agent no direct contact was made between Mr Williams and the now owners of the property. Therefore Moron’s assertion that they were close associates of the (innocent family in 63 Rhyddwen Rd) PLEASE NOTE THE WRONG ADDRESS is at best incorrect, careless and shows his ineptitude all he had to do was look out of his window to see if the address was correct!!
The late Mr Cen Williams built a garage in 1960 and parked his car up until the time of his passing in 2010 on the small patch of ground the Armiger boasts of as being part of the Newland Estate – a semi-detached cottage with a 200 yard garden or backyard. Mr Ellis Williams invited a neighbour to park his car on this land in 2012 as by doing so improved the visibility for all traffic users on the main road, where for decades the residents have parked their cars half on the pavement but ensuring that pedestrians had room to pass. In return the neighbour (not addressed at No 63) kindly kept the patch tidy and in agreement with Ellis laid chippings so that the effect of rain flow in the damp 2014 weather would not cause serious deterioration to the prestigious Newland Estate
If one believes Moron’s advice then selling a property (a semi-detached cottage of no particular historical interest) could lead to a revolution of violence against so called Armigers who claims to single handily fight against all causes but in actuality does as Boda wrote on the 16/12/14 “The fact is that he does ZERO ZILCH NOTHING to keep the community spirit alive and nothing for the Welsh Language”

Some Comments on the Five-Year Survey

January 18, 2015

Our survey, based upon not only upon Google Scholar but upon the more up-market Scopus (sorry, it is behind a pay-wall), shows that ECE has been completely ignored, citation-wise, by the academic world ever since 2003; apart from the informed criticism of expert mathematicians. The only references to all three hundred source papers have been made by Ron and his gang (99%), by a few naive authors who probably added them to a literature survey without checking, by a few critics and by independent loony-tunes.  Nobody sane contacts Ron directly; he would be unable to resist telling everybody about it. Nobody writes favorable reviews of anything to do with him; apart from his lap-dog, Penderghastly. All that Ron has to offer is the supposed interest of unknown visitors. He does not know who they are, and cannot know their motives. It is therefore the height of intellectual dishonesty to use them as ‘evidence’. It is rather akin to an old-time dishonest politician claiming the votes of those residing in the local graveyard. Ron’s crackpot theory has been used to explain perpetual-motion, antigravity, the ludicrous concept of 3-dimensional orbits and, currently, those rubbish laser demonstrations. We believe that questions should be asked in Congress and Parliament about the  defamatory remarks that Ron makes about CERN and about famous scientists. Similarly, informed critics who are deemed ‘trolls’ by notorious pseudoscientists should be encouraged to re-double their efforts and perhaps bring private prosecutions against those who illegally promote quack cancer ‘cures’ or who advertise the activities of investment fraudsters such as Searl. Claiming that death threats have been made, when they have in fact not been made, is a clear case of defamation and Ron should be brought to book for that alone. A  pseudoscientist is a criminal, in that he may well lead innocent lay investors to waste money on impossible projects. Real scientists are only human, and they have a right to be annoyed by the misleading antics of loud-mouthed cranks. There may well be thoughts “reeking with malice”, as even the incompetent journal-editor, van der Merwe, noted. Ron is the dark antithesis of the light of real science and he has perverted scientific principles for far too long. We have no faith in the accuracy of wikipedia, but even that source can spot bad apples who have been ignored by the professions and the best researchers in the world. If it really intended to destroy the career of targeted thinkers, then Ron is safe: his thoughts are demented and he has no career. George Orwell? Hmm, who was it who suppressed a petition that he did not like? Take a bow, Ron.  A large percentage of Ron’s visitors are supposedly from the U. S. and the best universities in the world. What a pity that he cannot name a single individual. “My own Cornell is currently number four in the world rankings”, he says. In what sense is it ‘his’ Cornell? One is traditionally allowed to say that only if one graduated from there. “I am sometime JRF of Wolfson College, Oxford”. There he goes again; turning a glorified visit into a lifetime under the ‘dreaming spires’. More intellectual dishonesty. AIAS is the most ridiculous pack of nutters, second only to “The Association of Distinguished American Scientists’, run by Ron’s friend ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden, and has zero impact. Meaningless and unaccountable ‘hits’ have been misrepresented as a ‘new and rigorously objective system of measuring this impact with great precision’ because  the citation system reveals the truth. Ron is not a Nobel Laureate because the rule is that they must not push pseudoscience until after getting the prize (look at the cases of Pauling and Szent-Gyorgyi). He claims to have been nominated several times: all crackpots say that. We regard the misappropriated Civil List Pension to be the only reason for mentioning Ron at all, and we are confident that Parliament and the Head of State will eventually be shamed – by public outcry – into removing it. It is certainly unusual for someone to be a shame to two countries at once. It is lucky for Ron that the great and good have no taste for science, otherwise he would be immediately outed. Langmuir, and more recently Baez, have described Ron’s brand of lunacy as “pathological science”. “I will be nominated this year again for a Milner Prize”. Yes, Ron, in exactly the same way that you were nominated last year: not. Francis Bacon showed how to perform meaningful experiments and to link cause and effect properly. Ron falls at every hurdle..

New Policy

January 4, 2015

We feel that certain comments which come our way are worthy of wider dissemination. Here is a case in point:

“He also needs to proof read his circular e mails to his Community Councillors where in the past few days he printed an address of an innocent family – it was the wrong address – he knows it – the Police now know it – yet he is such a pig headed cowardly moron that he will not cross the road to make a grovelling apology.” “Boda”

This appears to be the e-mail in question which, for some reason, Ron did not see fit to post on his blog as he usually does:

“To Mawr Community Council,

                                           It has become clear that Ellis Williams has sold his house to people who are closely associated with the same people at 63 Rhyddwen Road against which there are already enough incidents for an arrest in my opinion as Armiger. There was an other incident today logged as anti social conduct by the police with anther incident number. Mawr Community Council has advised that these people should be warned as to their future conduct. They were warned by P. C. Anthony Davies, and today another incident number was logged by the police. Ellis Williams had no right to invite them on to the Newlands Estate, and these people have no right to park there. The police asked me to report immediately any further incidents of verbal assault or anti social conduct. There has been noise of drilling an banging next door for two months or more. In my opinion there is serious danger of further common assault. The people at 63 Rhyddwen Road have also been warned for fly dumping by Swansea County Council. they have fly dumped chippings on the Newlands Estate. The person most to blame here is Ellis Williams. He has been dismissed form AIAS and will not benefit in any Way from the Newlands Family Trust. Two incidents of threats and abuse constitute harassment, so an arrest can now be made. That is up to the police. These were vicious threats, including death threats. The latter carry life in prison theoretically. This is what happens when people sell their heritage, in this case a four generation house of historical interest. I believe that there is international concern about what these people may try to do. If accompanied by threats the tort of trespass on the Newlands Estate becomes a criminal offence. Two incidents of threats and abuse amount to harassment.  
 Armiger “
The offended parties have, it seems, complained to Ron’s personal police force about this. Perhaps we should make a regular feature of the grievances of Ron’s neighbors. 

Crackpots’ Crackpots

January 4, 2015

Scientists’ Scientists

January 3, 2015

I am delighted at all aspects of AIAS work, and all aspects of open source publishing. These happenings grew out of attempts to stifle genuine new scholarship, but the dogmatists no longer have that power. The most accurate description of AIAS is that it is a scientific society of free and equal indivduals who are not forced to think in any way by tyranny over the mind.”

AIAS ‘work’ pleases only AIAS, this is why it has to give away that which nobody would ever buy or allow into a bona fide scientific journal. Nobody but us can now be bothered even to comment on AIAS delusions, and we bother only because we aim eventually to embarrass those who awarded Ron the totally undeserved accolade of a civil list pension. The most accurate description of AIAS is that it is a conspiracy of never-weres and never could-bes huddled around a has-been. Their answer to tyranny: “It we are not all laughed at together, we shall certainly be laughed at separately”.

Devil in the Details

January 2, 2015

FOR POSTING: New Proofed Versions of UFT281 and UFT283

January 2, 2015″

Proofed? How come we can still see errors (in addition to the entire theme of the papers, of course)? Please have a professional physicist check your work before publication.

Another Year of Abject ECE Failure

January 2, 2015

End of Year 2014 Feedback, Combined ECE Sites

January 2, 2015

There were 1,238,538 files downloaded during 2014, at an average of 103,212 a month, and a total of 265,301 reading sessions or distinct visits at an average of 22,108 a month.”

That is all very well, but Ron cannot prove the who and why of  those hits. A ‘research institute’ which was really that successful would require an entire public-relations department just to deal with correspondence, invitations to conferences, etc. At least one person among those millions could be expected to write a glowing review of one of Ron’s books; but they do not. The only good reviews are due to Penderghastly! And what do the millions do with the theory? One would expect that anybody who used the theory would have to mention in citations. If one checks Google Scholar for that term, there initially appears to be a high number of citations. However, if one systematically filters out those references originating from drmyronevans, upitec, etc., there is essentially nothing left but critics and a few independent loonies. One can only conclude that Ron’s claim to success is just a pitiable delusion and that ‘the colleagues’ should be censured for indulging Ron in this farce. One day these facts will crowd-in on Ron and trigger another breakdown.