Another Year of Abject ECE Failure

End of Year 2014 Feedback, Combined ECE Sites

January 2, 2015

There were 1,238,538 files downloaded during 2014, at an average of 103,212 a month, and a total of 265,301 reading sessions or distinct visits at an average of 22,108 a month.”

That is all very well, but Ron cannot prove the who and why of  those hits. A ‘research institute’ which was really that successful would require an entire public-relations department just to deal with correspondence, invitations to conferences, etc. At least one person among those millions could be expected to write a glowing review of one of Ron’s books; but they do not. The only good reviews are due to Penderghastly! And what do the millions do with the theory? One would expect that anybody who used the theory would have to mention in citations. If one checks Google Scholar for that term, there initially appears to be a high number of citations. However, if one systematically filters out those references originating from drmyronevans, upitec, etc., there is essentially nothing left but critics and a few independent loonies. One can only conclude that Ron’s claim to success is just a pitiable delusion and that ‘the colleagues’ should be censured for indulging Ron in this farce. One day these facts will crowd-in on Ron and trigger another breakdown.


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