New Policy

We feel that certain comments which come our way are worthy of wider dissemination. Here is a case in point:

“He also needs to proof read his circular e mails to his Community Councillors where in the past few days he printed an address of an innocent family – it was the wrong address – he knows it – the Police now know it – yet he is such a pig headed cowardly moron that he will not cross the road to make a grovelling apology.” “Boda”

This appears to be the e-mail in question which, for some reason, Ron did not see fit to post on his blog as he usually does:

“To Mawr Community Council,

                                           It has become clear that Ellis Williams has sold his house to people who are closely associated with the same people at 63 Rhyddwen Road against which there are already enough incidents for an arrest in my opinion as Armiger. There was an other incident today logged as anti social conduct by the police with anther incident number. Mawr Community Council has advised that these people should be warned as to their future conduct. They were warned by P. C. Anthony Davies, and today another incident number was logged by the police. Ellis Williams had no right to invite them on to the Newlands Estate, and these people have no right to park there. The police asked me to report immediately any further incidents of verbal assault or anti social conduct. There has been noise of drilling an banging next door for two months or more. In my opinion there is serious danger of further common assault. The people at 63 Rhyddwen Road have also been warned for fly dumping by Swansea County Council. they have fly dumped chippings on the Newlands Estate. The person most to blame here is Ellis Williams. He has been dismissed form AIAS and will not benefit in any Way from the Newlands Family Trust. Two incidents of threats and abuse constitute harassment, so an arrest can now be made. That is up to the police. These were vicious threats, including death threats. The latter carry life in prison theoretically. This is what happens when people sell their heritage, in this case a four generation house of historical interest. I believe that there is international concern about what these people may try to do. If accompanied by threats the tort of trespass on the Newlands Estate becomes a criminal offence. Two incidents of threats and abuse amount to harassment.  
 Armiger “
The offended parties have, it seems, complained to Ron’s personal police force about this. Perhaps we should make a regular feature of the grievances of Ron’s neighbors. 

2 Responses to “New Policy”

  1. The facts Says:

    Knowing Ellis Williams as we do having being and being lifelong friends it is interesting to note that Moron as he does frequently gets the facts completely wrong. Mr Williams exercised his right as the owner of the property to sell. He did so by conventional means via estate agents (realtor) on the open market. What is interesting is that the sale followed the due legal process with both the buyers and seller engaging the services of solicitors to ensure the sale was legal. It is assumed that the due process of searches revealed that Moron despite his claims in previous rants on his blog (with the comments turned off) had and still has no legal rights to No 48
    The best offer was received from a local couple who tabled this with Mr Williams’ estate agent no direct contact was made between Mr Williams and the now owners of the property. Therefore Moron’s assertion that they were close associates of the (innocent family in 63 Rhyddwen Rd) PLEASE NOTE THE WRONG ADDRESS is at best incorrect, careless and shows his ineptitude all he had to do was look out of his window to see if the address was correct!!
    The late Mr Cen Williams built a garage in 1960 and parked his car up until the time of his passing in 2010 on the small patch of ground the Armiger boasts of as being part of the Newland Estate – a semi-detached cottage with a 200 yard garden or backyard. Mr Ellis Williams invited a neighbour to park his car on this land in 2012 as by doing so improved the visibility for all traffic users on the main road, where for decades the residents have parked their cars half on the pavement but ensuring that pedestrians had room to pass. In return the neighbour (not addressed at No 63) kindly kept the patch tidy and in agreement with Ellis laid chippings so that the effect of rain flow in the damp 2014 weather would not cause serious deterioration to the prestigious Newland Estate
    If one believes Moron’s advice then selling a property (a semi-detached cottage of no particular historical interest) could lead to a revolution of violence against so called Armigers who claims to single handily fight against all causes but in actuality does as Boda wrote on the 16/12/14 “The fact is that he does ZERO ZILCH NOTHING to keep the community spirit alive and nothing for the Welsh Language”

  2. Gopher Says:

    It’s amusing what an egocentric tirade is poured over the “inner levels” of Ron’s faithful and those who’re unlucky enough to be considered “powerful” (like his long-suffering MP). It’s also very amusing to see that inner-circle leaking like cheap diapers so that the sensible world can look on at what really happens “behind the scenes” in that terribly sad vision of the world from an insignificant corner of Britain. Keep up the good work.

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