Conmen Cited at Conference

“Many thanks to Axel Westrenius! This is an excellent development in my opinion. From a theoretical perspective LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) provide copious experimental evidence for ECE theory (UFT226 ff). I look forward to seeing LENR devices in all homes. They are already operative in industry.”

If only the speakers had limited their comments to applauding the poor demented ‘academic’ defenders of cold fusion. But instead they also mentioned dubious people such as Patterson and Mills. The latter is notorious for having conned $9,000,000 out of US public-service suppliers. The latter excused their incredibly stupid behavior by appealing to the Pascal’s wager principle, and covered their losses by putting their prices up. Pseudoscience really can be a good career for the unscrupulous pseudoscientist (how’s that for a pleonasm!) who does not mind cheating society. Note the age of the assembly; these are all senile academics, desperate to give their lives meaning by claiming to have made a great discovery. We are particularly sad to see that our old correspondent Hanno is mixed up in this. They should all read the 19th-century research on hydrogen-loaded platinum; it explains all of their ‘anomalous results’.


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