These Lies Are Getting Very Old

“I have gone back to 2006 and can confirm strong and continuous interest from the top twenty six universities in the world, all the way back. January and February 2006 were remarkable, with multiple visits from essentially the whole lot. ”

But you do not know who is looking, and it seems that they are not about to give themselves away by citing any of your rubbish!

“This coincides exactly with the era when the feedback sites were made public. That caused a huge spike of interest so it is quiet clear that what we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg.”

‘Quiet’? Is that a Freudian slip, acknowledging that the supposed interest is 100% illusory?

“I agree with Dave Burleigh, CEO of Annexa Inc., that the feedback sites must be protected to avoid link spamming. ”

It has not been done yet?! Well, that explains a lot.

“This vast amount of interest is what it is all about for me. I am not in this for money, career, power, job or fame. I am in it for science, the excitement of discovery, and the pleasure of seeing interest in one’s work. All AIAS can share the kudos.”

It is clear that there is no money, career, power, job or fame in your brand of pseudoscience. We fear for your well-being when it finally dawns upon you that there is no interest either. 

“So the early wiki animosity has been rolled over by a steam tractor made up of the world’s best components. “Mother mother what is that / That looks like strawberry jam? / Hush hush my dear ’tis only pa /Run over by a tram”.

Nice, but to whom does it really apply?


2 Responses to “These Lies Are Getting Very Old”

  1. Boda Says:

    The next community near Moron’s home is Clydach, Swansea. It has a long excellent tradition of naming its streets after famous Scientists. There is Faraday Road, Kelvin Road, Bruner Way, Carlton Road, Newton Road, Langer Way, Edison Crescent and Grove Road to name but a few. Indeed Grove was celebrated with a “Blue Plaque” honour recently. Check these out on a UK street atlas.
    There is no suggestion of a Moron Cul de Sac, or the like, firstly because the local civic leaders think Moron’s flawed science is all nonsense, and secondly because Moron opposes all forms of new affordable housing for young Welsh speaking families – so no new street would or could be named after him.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Another person who has a blue plaque to his name is Grindell-Matthews, the previous resident-loony of Craigcefnparc. It is however located near to his birthplace near Bristol. Ron will never merit having a plaque anywhere.

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