Dead Horses Still Being Flogged (in Every Sense)

Indian Academy of Science: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

January 24, 2015

Many thanks, LENR is well accepted and ha been for years, so I will advise the powers that be accordingly. In fact has been well studied by Governments for twelve years.”

It will not be obvious to the layman, but these are just the ‘usual suspects’; they are now so committed to cold-fusion that they just cannot let it go. Replace ‘cold fusion’ and ‘LENR’ by ‘phlogiston’, and one is closer to the true state of affairs. Look at the reference-list of the paper which Ron helpfully attached: most of the citations are from the dawn of cold-fusion, when the topic could still get into Nature magazine. The later references are to crackpot conferences like the Indian one, or to books published by World Scientific and Infinite Energy; both of which have vanishingly low academic standards evidence-wise.  It is quite amazing how apparently intelligent people can be fooled: just look at how the John Searl scam, with which AIAS is closely associated, is doing,

Some years ago, Searl had the cheek to post online a worthless share certificate, from an earlier stage of the scam, and positively gloated about it. Why does a ‘poor pensioner’, as he terms himself, need several companies …  based in secretive tax-havens? 

By the way, Ron, political enemies of the Labour Party have been briefed about your status. No doubt they are gleefully waiting to see whether your political friend is stupid enough to mention you on the hustings.


2 Responses to “Dead Horses Still Being Flogged (in Every Sense)”

  1. Boda Says:

    What surprise will the postman bring this week?

  2. Boda Says:

    Apparently Moron’s local Parish Council or Mawr Community Council is fed up receiving incessant gibberish e mails and may have written to him asking him to cease communication. This has sparked Moron’s response as below. Before you read it, bear in mind he refers to a “Councillor Alan Davies” for advice. Well here’s news for you Moron – Mr Davies has been struck off the Council for non-attendance. So much for his civic interests in Craigcefnparc. There are vacancies on this Council now. Why don’t you Moron put yourself forward? Anyway here is Moron’s latest contribution to his own village’s politics:-
    Misinformation by Chair of Mawr Community Council
    January 30, 2015
    I was advised by Cllr Alan Davies of Mawr Community Council that the people responsible for the recent common assault on me should be warned as to their future conduct. The Councillor is part of the Council and I consulted him in his capacity as Councillor. This was an ethnically aggravated assault, a serious felony. They were warned by P. C Anthony Davies, and again warned by P. C. Birch. There are incident numbers and these warnings are factual. I have been informed by the police to notify them immediately of any further common assault. The Chair of the Community Council is ineffective in countering crime in Mawr, and the Council should be discontinued. Half of it has resigned and its accounts were found to be seriously defective in a recent audit in the public domain. In the past fifty years the government of Mawr has been essentially non existent, its Welsh language and culture has been essentially destroyed by unrestricted monoglot immigration. The Chair of the Mawr Council unilaterally tried to deny that Councillor Davies had given this advice. This is factually incorrect, Councillor Davies gave this advice, and it was followed up by the police who issued a warning. The Council does not represent the Welsh speakers in Mawr because most of its members do not understand the Welsh language and never try to learn it. The Council has been ineffective in establishing road safety by putting down double yellow lines as requested by the police. It has been ineffective in combating biker vandalism, and removing trespassing horses from Gelliwastad, and ineffective in combating turbines, ineffective in combating road fouling by horses. During the Dai Morris era the Council was ineffective in combating a wave of horrendous crime that resulted in four brutal murders. In contrast, as Armiger, I have fought vandals for eight years and turbines for over twenty years, and have fought hard for road safety. The interiors of houses of historical importance should be conserved, they should not be arbitrarily destroyed. This is what my Newlands Family Trust aims to do. I feel that people who assault Welsh speakers in the road, issue death threats in the road, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Only the Welsh speakers in Mawr will benefit from the Newlands Family Trust. Following this episode of factual disinformation, it is clear that there is hostility towards Welsh speakers inside the Council. The Council does not come to the defence of Welsh speakers. New laws are needed to ensure that every representative must be a fluent Welsh speaker. The County Councillor for Mawr is also ineffective in keeping law and order, and there is no real government. It is the basic duty of any Council to maintain law and order and to listen to its constituents. If they cannot do this they must be disbanded by Parliament, the Assembly or County Council. The assailants were issued with a no contact warning by the police. They broke this and were again warned. I ignore them completely and ignore anyone associated with them. There have been other incidents of harassment which have been reported to the Police Commissioner for Wales, Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, and the local police. I will ignore anyone who condones violence.

    cc Gower Constituency
    Trustees, Newlands Family Trust

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