Craigcefnparc News #2

from a correspondent:

“Apparently Moron’s local Parish Council or Mawr Community Council is fed up receiving incessant gibberish e mails and may have written to him asking him to cease communication. This has sparked Moron’s response as [posted on his blog of today]. Before you read it, bear in mind he refers to a “Councillor Alan Davies” for advice. Well here’s news for you Moron – Mr Davies has been struck off the Council for non-attendance. So much for his civic interests in Craigcefnparc. There are vacancies on this Council now. Why don’t you Moron put yourself forward?”

Steady-on, Boda, that is how Hitler started: he was democratically elected, and then used the Reichstag’s own parliamentary rules against it, to get what he wanted.


7 Responses to “Craigcefnparc News #2”

  1. Boda Says:

    It seems to be the case that Moron thinks the whole world’s population reads his BLOG gibberish and his fake science theories.
    He also seems to think that if he posts a letter on his BLOG the aimed for recipients will also read it. He is so foolishly mistaken. Apparently the Clerk to his Parish Council wrote to him asking him to write to the Council via the Clerk and not put his letters openly on the BLOG because normally nobody much reads the BLOG. There is also a Royal Mail post box about a hundred metres from Moron’s house. It’s the red box outside the shop Moron. Telling you here as we know you read Crackpotwatch. The temerity of the Council’s letter has caused Moron to simultaneously to implode and explode. This is a new departure in science. Is an implosion possible simultaneously with an explosion at precisely the same instant?
    Why not stand for election to your Council Moron? It currently has vacancies.

  2. Boda Says:

    Here we go again – Saturday 31-1-15 on Moron’s BLOG:-

    Malfeasance at Mawr Community Council
    January 31, 2015
    To Trustees of the Newlands Family Trust for information. As a native of Mawr and the resident Armiger of Mawr and surrounding areas I would like to point out that the people responsible for this are incomers, not the Welsh speaking and law abiding natives. They are frequently hostile to the Welsh speaking natives. The totally non resident Armiger in Mawr is the Duke of Beaufort, my distant cousin, with whom I am not acquainted. I am a fluent Welsh speaker descended from the brother of Gruffudd Gwyr (Gruffudd Lord of Glyn Tawe and Gower) and born in this house. I distance myself completely from the Community Council and the County Councillor. Malfeasance for four years is disgraceful.

    Sent: 31/01/2015 15:07:52 GMT Standard Time
    Subj: Malfeasance at Mawr Community Council

    As requested I am tabling questions to the Clerk of the Community Council as follows

    1) Why has its Councillors not all resigned following the 15th January 2015 report of the Wales Audit Office, which found continuing failures in governance, arrangements and many inadequacies? These have been going on since 2011. The Council could not be reached for comment. It was ordered to call a public meeting to discuss these disgraceful failures with a month.
    2) Why cannot the Council maintain law and order in Mawr, and why does it not cooperate with the Police and Armiger to investigate recent common assaults on a world renowned scientist, namely myself? Why are there no double yellow lines, why are cars allowed to park right across pavements? Why are there no speed restrictions? Why does the Council not pretest strongly at the recent common assaults on myself as Armiger? There has been international protest and disgust at the ethnic attacks which accompanied these common assaults. In my opinion As Armiger the assailants should be arrested, have been twice warned by the police.
    3) Why does the Council take no notice of my renowned work in science, despite being kept fully informed of it as a matter of politeness? This has made Mawr famous throughout the world.
    4) Why cannot some Councillors speak or read the Welsh language? Why do they not learn it?
    5) How many Councillors have been elected, and if so by what percentage of the electoral register? In the records of Swansea County Council I can find none that have been elected. I have found seven uncontested Councillors, four of whom almost immediately resigned, splitting the Council in two.
    6) Why has the Council allowed the protected ecology of Gelliwastad to be destroyed by bikes and heavy four wheelers, and by horses straying off the bridle path for many years? Why has the Council not supported my eight year long battle against these vandals, often in dangerous conditions? Why has it not put up gates and fences, or TV cameras?
    7) Why has a member of the Mawr Development Trust falsely accused me publicly. His accusations were removed from public view after international protest. This is disgraceful conduct.

    There is no effective Local Government in Mawr and I am entitled as Armiger to participate in governance voluntarily. This is my duty as a member of the Gentry or untitled nobility. The Council will respect me as the only Armiger of Mawr and surrounding areas, appointed directly by Crown and Parliament at the discretion of Queen Elizabeth. Otherwise it is in contempt of both, as well as unable to govern or keep its finances in order. I suggest that it be disbanded and law and order reimposed in Mawr by the Welsh Assembly and Westminster Parliament

    Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., Armiger of Mawr, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)
    AIAS President,

    cc Gower Constituency Labour Party, international scientific colleagues,
    Police Commissioner for Wales,. local police.

    • Totemly Says:

      Did you see the funny reply from the Council, slightly peeved and concerned over his libellous words and widespread posting of personal and private correspondence. Most amusing. Poor folk in the council have our sympathy.

  3. Naybor Says:


    TOTEMLY can you please paste in a copy of the funny reply from the Council to Moron onto this site. We’ve not seen it and cannot find it. We need a laugh.Can you do it now?

    MORON you’ve still not apologised publicly to your neighbours for wrongly citing them with regard to any alleged assault. We know you read this – which makes it more despicable and cowardly of you not apologising. Will you apologise publicly now?

    GENUINE REAL SCIENTISTS when are you going to write to the Cabinet Office and Buckingham Palace and the Royal Society to get his “Royal Honour” removed?

    DUKE OF BEAUFORT are you really a cousin of Moron’s ?

    SEAN EVANS & GEPHIN GRIFFITHS do you still support Moron’s nonsense?

    CRACKPOTWATCH what do you think of all this?

  4. Gorau Says:

    Add this to the long list of Moron’s daily outbursts;-

    Call for Parliamentary Enquiry into Mawr Community Council
    February 1, 2015
    To Martin Caton Labour M. P. for Gower, and Elizabeth Evans, Labour Candidate for GowerI would like to call for a Parliamentary Enquiry into the prolonged inability of Mawr Community Council to govern, and to produce accounts that pass audit by the Wales Audit Office. It has been ordered to convene a public meeting by the Wales Audit Office after failing to keep proper accounts for maybe a decade. Its accounts were first found to be riddled with irregularities by Audit Office Wales in 2011, and on January 15th this year the Audit Office again issued a severe criticism – all in the public domain. I demand that this Council should be wound up, and I believe that the County Council has the power to do so. Mawr, with its high percentage of Welsh speakers, should become a semi autonomous Bro Iaith in which all representatives are fluent in Welsh and in which all are elected with opposition candidates in the field. The government in the past fifty years has resulted in a disastrous decline in the language. None of the present Community Council should be allowed to govern again, including the County Councillor. No monoglot immigration of people unable to comprehend the Welsh language should be allowed into a Bro Iaith, and indiscriminate destruction of historic houses, chapels and similar prohibited by law. Increased police presence is needed in Mawr, and traffic warden patrols. As far as I can see, no Community Councillor of Mawr has been elected recently against opposition. They seem to be all “unopposed”, so just sign on and call themselves Councillors. For many years Mawr has been plagued by criminality, the most infamous example being the murderer Dai Morris who operated here for three or four years without action being taken against him. He finally committed four atrociously brutal murders in Clydach and should never be allowed out of prison. These murders resulted in several school children in Clydach and Craig Cefn Parc needing medical attention for shock, prolonged trauma, prolonged nightmares and so on, they were in the same class as the murdered children. I recall that their grandmother and mother were also murdered with them and the house burnt down. Dai Morris came from Morriston, from an estate riddled with crime, and immigration of people like that into Mawr should obviously never have been allowed. He was allowed to operate in Mawr for years. There is grave concern here at what he might do if let out of prison. Any accomplices of his in those murders should obviously be found and prosecuted and if found guilty imprisoned for life without remission. I have recently been assaulted twice by people from these same estate areas, who issued a volley of threats simply because I reported them for trespassing. They are under police surveillance. People like that should never be allowed to live in Mawr, with its peaceful traditions and brilliant Welsh language culture. There has been international outrage because I am a world leading scientist. Misconduct in office carries a maximum sentence of life in prison according to the Government website on Misconduct in Public Office. So the Chair of the Community Council and those responsible for prolonged failure of Government could be indicted for criminal offences. At the least the entire Council should resign, and the County Councillor should resign. He could also be indicted. It is well known to the local police that a member of the Mawr Development Trust signed a troll petition against me making a blatantly false accusation. This petition was removed from public view and totally ignored in great disgust by the scientific community worldwide. The Mawr Community Council did nothing at all to dismiss this person and for a long time tried to force through housing development that would have totally destroyed the Welsh language. I was born here and am a fluent Welsh speakers, and I can see perfectly clearly how the language has been severely damaged by uncontrolled monoglot immigration. UNESCO has warned repeatedly that the language is on the very edge of extinction as a spoken language. Elizabeth Evans and I discussed this in detail in this house recently and agreed on all points. I have been keeping you informed of the intense international interest in my work. I would prefer to work without being assualted in the middle of the road. Many complaints have been made against the County Councillor for many years for abuive and insulting conduct. There is effectively no government of any kind in Mawr at present.
    Armiger of Mawr
    cc Police Commissioner, Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, former Labour Minister

  5. Chwarauteg Says:

    Moron you getting to the stage where you are promoting criminal racial hatred. Your previously friendly Bobby may soon be knocking your door in response to complaints about you.It is suggested that you close your Blog down urgently and wipe your computer clean of all this racial hatred. Go off line and get a real job.

  6. Regimrahaha Says:

    Oh dear more and more of the same. It is a cause for concern when each of Moron’s rants are repeatedly on the same theme, time after time, year after year. Possible a cause for concern?

    So let’s look at the latest, the call for a Parlimentry enquiry for a local parish council issue in Wales, I would imagine that if this was ever of any national concern then the convention would be to raise with the County Coucil, The Welsh Assembly and even if these institutions were to take any notice or action it is hardly likley that at a time when world events are so much more important and a General Election to take place in less than 100 days that any sensible body would consider wasting time and money on this matter. One can see the lack of awareness of real world matters.While the conduct of the council is clearly dysfunctional the reality of a Public enquiry is as real as cheese on the moon.

    Quoting directly from Moron’s own hand “No monoglot immigration of people unable to comprehend the Welsh language should be allowed into a Bro Iaith.” This clearly has racist overtones which may well draw some attention from the local police. The interesting thing here is that Moron is in fact condeming himself with his racist jibe. CCP as a village has over the years welcomed many people from different countries Africa, USA, Ukriane, Poland to mention some and there has always been an accpetance. However the facts are that Moron himself has imported more non Welsh speaking spouses than anyone else ( from USA and Latvia) who inthemselves were and are decent people but somehow attracted to Moron. So he again shoots himslef in the foot.

    , “and indiscriminate destruction of historic houses, chapels and similar prohibited by law” Cleary in the former he is referring to number 48 (next door) which has been purchased by a local couple who are entitiled to make their own modifications being the legal owners, this is not destruction but presevation and development.

    As for the chapels both Pantycrwys and Elim chapels have in the last few years undergone ongoing maintenance and some modernisation of facilities, Moron’s perpetual absence of attendance and no involvement in both chaplesare displayed by his ignorant and factually incorrect statements. One get the feeling that as Moron points the finger at others there are always three of his own fingers pointing back at himself

    Assaulted twice – really means that someone told him what they thought of him after having their names published on his blog without Moron first having the decency to approach these people to try and resolve an issue (which was non of his concen) but then he has no decency.

    His obsession with the Local County Councillor is another oft repeated rant (like a stuck record) this person has served the local Mawr communty for neatly forty years and brought benefit to the area and held the post of Lord Mayor. Both complaints by Moron to the Local Government Ombudsman about the councillor have been dismissed with no case to answer 0 gaain repeated aactivities with no factual basis and therefore dismissed

    His tactics are those of the cyber bully venting his personal vendetta on decent people going about their own lawful business. Of course being a bully he does not allow open debate on his blog ….. speaks for itself

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