Still Catching Up?

“I think that these are very important results, which already give most of the results I suggested in Sections 1 and 2. These results by Dr. Horst Eckardt are full of interest and should be studied carefully by the readership interested in really new physics. Among the most important results is that superluminal effects are possible in ordinary absorption, and that the photon mass approaches the mass of the electron.”

Really new physics? It has been known for years that shaped pulses can appear to travel faster than light. There is even a simple electrical circuit which can produce the same effect. But Ron would not know this; not being a physicist, not knowing any physicists and studiously avoiding the physics literature (except when he can misuse it). Of course, special relativity is not disproved in any way by the above results because information is not transferred faster than light in a vacuum during the demonstrations. Nevertheless, such experiments are a boon to members of the anti-Einstein lunatic fringe. As for the photon having a rest mass … Ho, Ho, Ho.


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