Say Yes, Whatever the Cost

Invitation from Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials to Evans, M…

February 7, 2015

Dear Ms Lan Menguo,

I am honoured by this invitation.”

We are puzzled by this invitation. Why on Earth would a conference on polymers and composites be interested in the author of a paper on magnetic motors? It is true that these conferences are rag-bags of topics

 but, even so, it does not make sense. On the other hand, since 1988, there have been over 250 Chinese attempts to patent perpetual-motion machines; many of them based upon magnetism. Moreover, ‘magnetic motor’ as referred to by Ron specifically means the sort that does not require any input! (Technical note: they do not exist outside of the lunatic fringe). So why did a reputable journal like Physica B publish his paper on magnetic motors?  Because Ron said that they had been seen working. And where was that? No specific locations or names given; just a vague (and second-hand) indication of ‘online’. This presumably refers to YouTube videos of fakes such as the Searl device. The only possible solution to the puzzle is that Physica B is not a reputable journal and employs editors of the same calibre as van der Merwe. This is no surprise, given that its sister publication, Physica C, published the dubious Podkletnov ‘antigravity’ evidence that eventually cost NASA millions of dollars in futile attempts to reproduce a non-existent effect. So should Ron attend the Chinese conference, assuming that the invite is genuine and not a fake? We would welcome it: Ron is never going to get his head shot off if he does not stick it above the parapet of his cozy and meaningless scientometric ‘comfort blanket’. Get out there, Ron, let people know that you exist and what a 小丑 you are.  

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