Vestri Braccae Sunt Igni

“These visits are particularly pleasing because I am sometime Senior Visiting Scientist at Cornell Theory Center, and Honorary Fellow of the University of Lancaster in Britain.”

Oh Ron, why do you do it? Why do you tell lies that are so easily exposed?

You are not even a member of the RSC, and that is pretty bad … for a chemist. This is all going to make for a very embarrassing magazine article one day. We shall watch carefully to see whether your dishonest claim somehow gets lost on its way to the archive. Now, about that ‘visiting scientist’ claim ...


One Response to “Vestri Braccae Sunt Igni”

  1. Barbohydron Says:

    I just phoned Lancaster University and had a lengthy conversation and they were utterly appalled and are to investigate.

    Whilst that is going on, it seems Moron is running out of people in his village to offend and quarrel with.

    Here is his latest attack on his own elected representatives:-

    Open Letter to The Audit Office for Wales
    February 11, 2015
    I tried to phone your Office but could not get through, so left a message. As can be seen on the blog of I have called for a criminal investigation of the Mawr Community Councillors from about 2005 to present following the 15th January 2015 report from your office severely criticising the Council as dysfunctional, letting down the public, failing to keep accounts and failing to pay taxes in time. In 2011 the same Council was criticised in the same way, with about sixty to seventy irregularities listed. So in four years it has done nothing, and the Audit Office and Assembly should initiate a criminal investigation. The investigation should include the County Councillor who was a Community Councillor during the era in which this malfeasance occurred. Recently half the Community Council resigned, including the County Councillor, following heavy protest against it in a public meeting. It has again been ordered by Audit Office Wales to convene a public meeting to explain itself. As Armiger and distinguished scientist I call for the resignation of all the Community Councillors and for the Council to be dissolved by the Assembly. Direct rule by the Assembly should be started and immediate measures taken to revive the Welsh language. My blog on contains numerous criticisms of the failure to keep law and order in Mawr, failures of the County Council, the Somerset Trust, and the Community Council. Failure to keep accounts has clearly been endemic for years. As Armiger I distance myself from the Community Council entirely and withdraw recognition of it. I am a fluent Welsh speaker born in Mawr, a Member of the Gentry both on merit and royal descent from the Princes of Dynevor and Deheubarth, and I am repelled by this chronic malfeasance. I cannot find any Community Councillor who was elected against opposition, they all signed on unopposed. What kind of democracy is that? The County Councillor was elected with only 20% of those entitled to vote and there have been many complaints made to me against him. I come from a hard working coal mining family of Mawr that was, and still is, honest and law abiding. We are one of the oldest Families of Mawr. The most devastating failure of all is to allow the Welsh language to decline in Mawr to the point where it is almost extinct. So I have founded The Newlands Family Trust to try to revive the language in the long to very long term. Government is not working and the People must defend and revive the language.

    Myron Evans

    (Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., Member of the Gentry of Wales, Civil List Pensioner, D.Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales).
    AIAS President

    U. S. Dual Citizen

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