Crackpot Cosmologists are Two-a-Penny

“Myron I don’t know if you are familiar with this Paper
I’m not sure about Ashmore’s qualifications and academic background . Regards Norman”

Can you people not do your own due diligence? Here,

Ashmore is of course on every list of dissident (crackpot) ‘scientists’ and can get published only in vixra (the loony version of arXiv), in one of the many fake ‘scientific’ journals … or by self-publishing. Does Ron get any hits from the UAE? Ashmore must be a fan. It is the pupils whom we pity.


One Response to “Crackpot Cosmologists are Two-a-Penny”

  1. Barbohydron Says:

    I see that in his latest BLOG POST Evans gives out his e mail address as when e mailing his clique who are listed as follows:-
    From: Myron Evans
    Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎12‎ ‎February‎ ‎2015 ‎10‎:‎07
    To: bo.lehnert, avanderm, dblake, pennbonvivant, raydela, corbis, normanpage, fritzius, Gareth Evans, <a title="mailto:rpmc_6, burleigh.personal, mpurcell, Alex Hill, <a title="mailto:ccefalas, simon.cliffy, fdamador, steve.bannister, graham.hall, alwyn.vandermerwe, mksegumeto333, henryk.ratajczak, croca, dwlindstrom, Mike J, <a title="mailto:sean, norpag, kp.phys, mail, rob, russdavis1234, thenarmis, alwyn.vandermerwe, Dennis, <a title="mailto:dewi.lewis1, wsd, arthur.turnerthomas, fsnape, sianifan, rpotter1, vivienne.swaby, samymor271236, meirion66, save.the.eagles2
    This list reveals one arthur.turnerthomas the UK's persistent claimant to a bogus Victoria Cross. How can Evans consort by communication with a man who consistently belittles what the Victoria Cross stands for in ultimate heroism of brave people. Why not e mail Evans and ask him what he thinks about a bogus Victoria Cross claimant!

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