So Many Scams, So Little Time

Quantum Electric Generator

February 14, 2015

Many thanks again to Michael Jackson for the blog backup and this important information. The AIAS engineers could easily build this device and test it, then apply ECE theory to it.”

How nice it is to see Ron getting back to one of his basic obsessions: perpetual motion. The QEG is of course a scam, and takes advantage of suckers by using the new phenomenon of ‘crowd-funding’. The very fact that it is ‘based upon a Tesla patent’ should be warning enough. Tesla is now worshipped by all crackpots, and even some history books and encyclopedias are respectful. In fact, his entire career was all ‘smoke and mirrors’ and based largely on stealing patents and ‘cultivating’ journalists. The scam is run by a con-woman and conspiracy-theorist named Naima Feagin. She is the step-daughter of a Mr Robitaille. Now, that name seems very familiar. Could he be related to the other Robitaille? If so, is it not strange that anti-Big-Bang nuts like (Dr) Robitaille and Ron always start with theoretical objections (which few laymen understand) but end up involved in street-level frauds (Bearden, Searl, etc.) which anybody can understand. Ron is a lost cause, of course, but we are always concerned about Evans-the-Sewage: a worker in local government always has both office politics and real politics to worry about. What a scandal it would be if journalists learned that a council official was even indirectly linked** to an investment scam. And there is an election coming. This is all going to make for a wonderful book-chapter one day, and how nice it is of Ron to set all of the misdeeds ‘in aspic’ by archiving them on two continents. 

PS If the ‘engineers’ (LOL) of AIAS want to build a QEG, they will need to know that the genuine* plans cost $300, and ‘training’ costs $1000/h.

* Feagin/Robitaille may have stolen the plans, see:

** Oh dear, barely had we posted this, when Sewage associated himself directly with the scam by sending a QEG  link to Ron.


2 Responses to “So Many Scams, So Little Time”

  1. Barbedhydron Says:

    Apologies for going off subject, but today we read from Moron’s Science Fiction BLOG today that he has donated £600 for an Anti Wind Turbine fight in some foreign corner. Well done Moron – if it can be believed. How generous of you – if true. However, as far as we know it cost his villagers £28,000 to pay a Barrister to take High Court action to try to block Wind Turbines in Moron’s village this past few months and Moron did not give even 28 pennies to the local cause. He probably knew nothing of the well advertised local battle because he really lives on anther planet.

  2. Barbedhydron Says:

    Catch up stories going around the village this Valentine Weekend – it seems he has grossly offended a native villager, who has just returned to the ancestral home, by presuming this fluent Welsh speaking proud Welshman with deeper roots in the village than the Evans’ “newlanders clan” – by Moron describing the returning village son as a monoglot English speaking English newcomer. Just like Science – he needs to check his many “facts” and poor ideas. This is yet another villager he should be apologising to, but he will not, as in his mind anything he does or says as “Squire” is the ultimate word.

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