Ron at Cornell

Is this a typical example of Ron’s success at Cornell?

This paper has been cited only twice in 22 years, and both references were by … oh, you have guessed. The funny thing is that Ron puts an entirely different spin on it. In 2007, it was:

Award Winning Evans Pelkie Animation on web

Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 11:00:53 EDT

But then he later

Animation by Chris Pelkie and Myself on

July 1, 2010

let slip that,

“This animation was awarded an honorable mention  … Chris’s animation is a work of art, and was easily the best of the whole competition, so it is unclear why we did not win a first prize. Probably academic politics again, a phenomenon which rarely agrees with scholarship.”

Or perhaps it was just not as good as Ron wanted to believe. This seems to have been the pattern for all of his work: both pre- and post-breakdown..

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