Freie Energie Spinös

Important Role of Dr Horst Eckardt

February 17, 2015

Fully agreed, I have been working with Horst since late 2006 and his input is of key importance. The scientometrics show that all the best in the world appreciate his work, and that of Douglas Lindstrom and all the staff of AIAS.

Sent: 17/02/2015 14:53:51 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Re: Discussion of the Challenge for Spectroscopy and Quantum Theory

Yes, Horst is a great scientist. He has always been able to see the signifance of your work and adds to it with his meticulous checking and making his own contributions and predictions. He does not seek the limelight but deserves the best accolades himself. His name, like your own, will be recorded in hisrory.

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Nope, Siemens Stain plays Goebbels to Ron’s Hitler and is, as subtly hinted at, a disgrace to the name of a great German company, just as Ron is an ugly stain on the list of Civil List scientists.  SS is of course a stalwart of the German perpetual-motion bund:

SS serves only to rubber-stamp Ron’s lunatic theories by involving …  gasp … computer algebra. But the latter cannot detect pseudoscientific cant and incompetence. Forget all of the ECE nonsense, and imagine Ron and SS trying to calculate the depth of a well by dropping stones and listening for the splash. Ron will think up a theory for accurately calculating the depth; he might even trust Newton for that purpose. SS then checks Ron’s calculation and declares it correct. Of course, no experiments will be performed in order to check the calculation. But then a real physicist arrives and laughs at their pathetic efforts. “You have not allowed for air resistance”, he will smirk. “You have not allowed for the time-delay due to the finite speed of sound”, he will snigger. In fact, SS, that is quite a problem: just try to come up with a closed-form solution involving time-delay.  After all, one depends upon hearing the splash in order to know the depth, but one needs to know the depth in order to calculate the delay!  That, in a nutshell of analogy, is what Ron and Siemens Stain are doing in more advanced domains: using computer algebra to validate incorrect, incompetent and insufficient mathematical models.

By the way, folks, note yet again that Evans-the-Sewage has apparently been pursuing his pseudoscientist hero-worship during work-time. Does this mean that CCC also supports Ron’s ‘great work’. We shall have to ask.


4 Responses to “Freie Energie Spinös”

  1. Overtheroad Says:

    We see immediately further below how utterly deluded he sadly is.
    Not only that. he does not seem to know that Welsh is an Official language in Wales via the national curriculum.
    Welsh is a compulsory subject in all Welsh schools. His village school teaches Welsh and two other Primary schools (Felindre and Gellionnen) just a stone’s throw from his house teach all subjects through the medium of Welsh.
    Not far from him again are three large Secondary Comprehensive Schools (Gwyr and Bryntawe and Ystalyfera) who teach all subjects (including A Level Maths and Science) through the medium of Welsh and many of their pupils come from English speaking homes. Ysgol Gwyr has been commended as the best in Wales. One difficulty the Welsh language has, is that people like him alienate English speakers from the Welsh language via his ill informed nasty rants.
    Since being asked to leave the American University system and his return here, he has done nothing but quarrel with villagers and make false accusations and he has done zero, zilch nothing for the community here. Nothing for the Community Halls or the local Schools and Chapels nor the village pub or shop. All this nonsense of being Gentry of Royal descent is a pitiful laugh. Now he has compromised the local Labour Party by stating frequently that the Gower Labour Parliamentary Candidate, LIZ EVANS agrees with him on everything and she is daft enough to go along with that.
    His only commendation is that he helps to keep a Police presence in the village by persistently phoning them concerning perceived threats from people who speak to him.


    International Mother Language Day – Make Welsh official in Europe
    February 20, 2015
    Diolch yn fawr iawn i Mr Rajpal! Mae’n anhygoel o bwysig i gadw’r hen iaith yn fyw. Many thanks to Mr Rajpal, it is of paramount importance to keep the old language alive. So as a descendant of the Princes and ancient British kings and a member of the untitled nobility of Wales, the Gentry, both by merit and descent, I call for an emergency effort to save the spoken language from imminent extinction as a spoken language as warned by UNESCO. I am among the very last to speak the genuine six thousand year old Silurian dialect. When I was protesting against the hideous desecration of Betws by gigantic wind turbines, I was told that I may as well take on the job of Prince of Wales, being descended from the Tudor Ancestor Tewdwr Mawr ap Cadell of the Royal House of Dunefawr (Dynevor). I am as much of a Tudor as was Henry VII. Owain Glyndw^r is my ancestral cousin in two ways at least. I replied that I may be interested in my spare time from Cartan tetrads. I would say that it is of paramount importance to take the following simple measures that any real government truly interested in Wales would implement immediately. The following applies to Welsh but is equally true for all small languages, many of which become extinct every year.

    1) Compulsory teaching of Welsh in all schools throughout Wales from age three onwards to school leaving age (now seventeen). The English language (the international language) to be taught only as a second language. Wales is a Sovereign State, not a bed and breakfast establishment for tourists or holiday cottages for sale shop.
    2) Emergency measures to establish areas in which only the Welsh language is spoken, in which all can speak and understand Welsh. I call these Broydd Iaith, or language nests. This experiment has been very successful in New Zealand in reviving the Maori language, with advice from Wales. Development and destruction of traditional architecture to be banned by law in these areas. Arbitrary sale of houses of Welsh speakers to be banned by law in these areas. Houses to be occupied only by Welsh speakers within these areas. Otherwise the spoken language will be extinct within a very short time, a cultural catastrophe. “Intellectual disgrace / stares from every human face” (Wystan Auden). Welsh speakers should not be expected to slavishly switch to English in a conversation just because one person cannot speak Welsh. People who perennially say that they are going to learn Welsh should learn Welsh. Scientifically, the way to protect a language is to establish these areas in which no one forces the original Welsh speakers to speak another language because everyone can speak Welsh. This is obvious.
    3) A complete ban on monoglot immigration into these areas, which would be very strictly regulated. By “monoglot” I mean people who have no knowledge of Welsh, care nothing for the language, and are very hostile to it. The language is protected by the Human Rights Act and is an official language of Great Britain. It is by far the oldest language of Great Britain, and the oldest continuously spoken language in all Europe.
    4) All jobs of any responsibility in Wales to go to fluent and highly qualified Welsh speakers, all elected representatives to be personally fluent in Welsh, otherwise they would not be allowed to be candidates. All civil servants in Wales to be fluent in Welsh without having to use translators.
    5) Overt hostility to the Welsh language to be made a serious offence in law.
    6) Establishment of a genuine University of Wales, closely linked to the National Eisteddfod, in which all staff and students are rigorously fluent in Welsh. This was the original intent of the 1893 Charter. “There shall be and is hereby constituted a University in and for Wales”. This ideal has been destroyed and forgotten, and must be revived.

    Glyn Eithrym

    (Dr. M. W. Evans, Gent., Armiger (Royal Section of Burke’s “Peerage and Gentry 2012), Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. Wales)
    AIAS President

  2. Regimrahaha Says:

    Oh dear more repetitive nonsense from the Armiger there is nothing new that he can say because he does nothing new. Each day must be the same, get up, scribbles some theory, walks the same walk at the same time, eat at the same time and sleep at the same time.

    The drivel about who he thinks he is descended from is sad and amusing, Moron no one cares and nobody believes the nonsense anyway. It tells you much about the man that he has to spend his own money to remember himself with his plaque and torn flag as nobody else will.

    Overtheroad is factually correct and many of the village children have and do attend a number of the schools mentioned.

    So again let’s look at the statements
    1. The teaching of both languages is provided for now and parents and pupils have the choice to undertake their education in the way they wants to…. so for an American Citizen it is rather strange that he decries choice for the individual… but he has said many time that he is socialist republican !!!!
    Tourism brings in £4billion to Wales and without that income many local communities would simply disappear and there would be nobody there to speak Welsh

    2 As stated above the Education system provides for the language. With regard to the destruction of local architecture and a ban on selling property that people have the legal right to sell is a totalitarian view and reflect his anger as being unable to afford to buy his cousin house although offered it and then seeing this now in the possession of a young local couple who are no doubt adapting it to their tastes.
    Houses to be occupied by Welsh speakers – well he will have to throw his wife out then!

    3 He has obviously been reading Crackpotwatch as he know seeks to clarify his dictatorial position – please name the people that you accuse of being “people who have no knowledge of Welsh, care nothing for the language, and are very hostile to it” Please cite examples of the hostility – when , where and what and by whom?

    4 Who do you wish to ban, be explicit, teacher, Doctors, business leaders. Which ethnic groups should be turned back at the bridge, not let through customs at the ports or Cardiff airport? How would the NHS in Wales function without the huge contribution that staffs from other countries provide?

    5 Provide examples please

    6. There is now a very reputable University of Wales that is legally constituted (unlike Moron’s illegal attempt to form his own). Moron’s formula is never mind the intellect as longa you can speak Welsh

  3. Overtheroad Says:

    Well said “Regimar — ” above. We do know that he was nominated to the Civil List by some politician within the circles of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s inner circle and also by someone within the Royal Society of chemists. Both have caused the Palace considerable embarrassment, as nobody checked him out. His contemporaries from the village Primary School circa 1960 say he was very “strange” even then. So his deluded bevaviour is not a recent manifestation. It’s like as if someone nominated a person from the Taliban, without checking, to be the Queen’s personal Footman. .He has certainly fooled Liz Evans the Labour Candidate for Gower in the forthcoming election to Parliament. She agrees with him on everything – according to him – with no denouncement from her. He will soon have influence in the UK Government after the next election if Liz Evans and Labour win. This is of concern, and Labour are doing nothing to distance themselves from his ideas.

  4. Regimrahaha Says:

    Overtheroad I understand from sources that the local Labour hierarchy are aware of his ways, and maybe they have counselled the local candidate to remain silent and refrain from providing the oxygen of debate as who knows where that could lead to under Labour – Chief Scientifice Officer!!! haha I doubt whether that will ever happen.

    Labour’s last lot nearly destroyed the country leaving notes about there being no money left in the coffers so hopefully they won’t get back in – I predict disaster if they do

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