Ignoretur Opera

“In my Oxford days the most I ever got for a paper were about one hundred post cards for Omnia Opera 30, the rotational dynamics of water free of hydrogen bonding. I should put some of these reprint requests on the site for historical interest, they were post cards from all over the world with “Esteemed Colleague” and so on in several languages with “Avec meilleurs remercients” and “Sehr Geehrte Kollege” and so on. So I very soon exhausted my supply of offprints, about 25 free offprints.”

Did you write those postcards yourself, Ron, given that both the French and German are incorrect? It seems that the offprints mostly ended up in the bin anyway. Ah, the marvelous Opera Omnia #30. Cited only 4 times in nearly 40 years. Of these mentions, 50% were by … need we spell it out. In 1985, a Dr Conrad mentioned it …. but only en passant. In 1980, Beevers and Williams were much more effusive about it, but that was only because they were working at Ron’s old laboratory and were probably afraid to cross him. He certainly had a hand in the writing of the paper; they said so. So then, effectively only one independent and passing reference to this paper in 38 years. As we never tire of pointing out, just one work by one of our number has been cited almost 4000 times during the same period; that is what we call impressive scientometrics.  We suspect that, given enough time, we could show that this pattern of self-referencing and lack of academic influence applies to Ron’s ‘opera omnia’ as a whole.


One Response to “Ignoretur Opera”

  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    Sad to see Ron’s even having to communicate with his wife via his blog now. Perhaps everyone is refusing to listen to him.

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