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On Obvious Failures

March 30, 2015

“There is an unlimited source of clean electric power in the ECE vacuum. In my opinion these devices should be developed and marketed as soon as is humanly possible. Conventional fossil fuel causes pollution and wind turbines are an obvious failure.

Cordially Yours,

Myron Evans.

cc Prime Minister’s Office in my role as Civil List Pensioner”

The sad fact is of course that, even if Cameron reads letters from perpetual-motion nutters (Searl also writes to the Prime Minister), he would have to ask an adviser to confirm for him that they were nonsense. Political leaders (including Hitler) have always acted as if they were chat-show hosts; eager to meet footballers and actors but decidedly averse to interacting with scientists; even real ones. On the bright side, one imagines that politicians are good at spotting FALs so, weighing-up an unemployed (unemployable?) chemist and the ‘research’ of another chemist who could not get a job as a chemist, we can well imagine where Ron’s missives end up.  

FAL? Failure-at-life.


No Paradox

March 28, 2015

The Hyper-relativistic Paradox

March 28, 2015

This is clear from the expression for total energy E = gamma m0 c squared, where gamma = 1 (1 – (v/c) squared) power half, the Lorentz factor. here m0 is the rest mass of the particle. For any relativistic particle, including the photon with rest mass m0, E goes to infinity as v goes to c unless m0 is zero. This is usually arm waved away by stating that a particle that moves at c must have zero mass, and that is the photon. No other particle can ever move at c. However it is clear to any O level pupil that refractive index n = c / v, and photons travel at v in matter. So photons have mass. The mass does not magically appear in matter and disappear again as soon as light leaves the material.”

It is unlikely that Ron’s O-level pupil could resolve the paradox because, like Ron, he is still taught that light travels through a substance. It only looks that way. The incoming light is absorbed by the surface atoms upon hitting the substance and is then re-emitted, and so on all through the substance. In other words, the light that leaves is not really the same light that entered. This explains the apparent slowing of light (it can be slowed almost to a standstill in certain prepared gases) and why it appears to accelerate again on leaving the material. There is another paradox here, why does a self-proclaimed ‘man-of-letters’ like Ron persistently misspell ‘weevil’ as ‘weavel’. Does his spell-checker not work? Or does he arrogantly think that he knows better, as usual? Perhaps he thinks that he is a new James Joyce. Don’t forget to archive all of those mistakes Ron. Someone might want weavel one day as the name of a new sub-atomic particle.


Wer ist Kurt Arenhold?

March 27, 2015

Siemens Stain sagte:

“I finished a paper with my Munich colleague Kurt Arenhold who could
verify the experimental results of Osamu Ide as already reported.”

One does not want to cast aspersions on someone’s sanity but, when German Economic News  commented on the Chancellor’s refusal to release  a UFO report,

saying (presumably tongue-in-cheek):

“Our guess: The study came to the shocking conclusion that the dome of the Reichstag was not as publicly suspected, built by Sir Norman Foster and British, but a spaceship from the fourth dimension. Some aliens are lost on the government benches and wonder to this day at everything the earthlings think of and, without contradiction, pour into law. But after a few years the whole fantasy has become too much even for the aliens. You have the courts of the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Economy all cleared. Angela Merkel is looking for followers. The spacecraft is still at anchor in Berlin.”

one Kurt Arenhold commented, in all seriousness,

“The reason for the secrecy is very simple, “Thou shalt have no other God beside me!”. If the existence of Foreign Affairs were disclosed, the results would undoubtedly be of interest to the part population. We have tons of problems and need solutions – “out there” might have solutions that would jeopardize the local power structure … . If Merkel and co burn all our asses to remain in their cushy positions – I call it treason. That was once potentially punishable. Clearly not any more.”

He also sets out his ufologist stall here:–3

And of course he believes in perpetual-motion, including the ridiculous Steorn (Irish joke) con of a few years ago, commenting,

“Apparently Steorn not is really anything new – the only issue is that it’s significantly smaller – and thus practical. The EBM technology ( ) used magnetic flux from the electromagnet, Orbo [uses] rare earth magnets. The basis is apparently variation of the magnetization of soft magnetic materials. The videos actually explain this quite well.”


For his part, Ide has been hawking his nonsense for years. Spiky outputs have been the basis of many perpetual-motion scams.

More Routine Lies

March 25, 2015

Sean Carroll admits the ghastly truth

March 25, 2015

I hope that Sean Carroll does not mind a bit of banter, he has admitted that the universe is not a black hole. He is a Harvard man and a Harvard man cannot be told anything.”

Of course Carroll did no such thing. Some Ron/Crothers-style amateur physicists have been very excited by the fact that the apparent radius of the universe is of the same order as the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole having about the same size (due to the universe being spatially flat). Someone like Carroll would never have subscribed to such ‘numerology’ being meaningful in the first place, so calling his dismissal, of that silly idea, an ‘admission’ is just a typical bit of Ron-style disinformation. 

Qu’Elle Mange de la Brioche?

March 22, 2015

Enquiry to The National Trust at Dinefwr

March 22, 2015

National Trust,
Dinefwr Park and Newton House,

Recently I set up the Newlands Family Trust with the aim of conserving this house in which I was born in 1950. It is an original coal miner’s house in good condition and houses a potentially valuable collection of my papers and other artifacts in the manner of the Dylan Thomas Boathouse. I recently visited the National Trust farmhouse at Aberdeunant, Taliaris, Llandeilo and met the caretaker and working farmer Huw Williams there. He kindly gave me contact infomation for Wyn Davies, a historian with interest in Dinefwr. I would like to appoint the best possible Welsh speaking caretaker tenants for this house,”

We worry about Mrs Ron’s fate in all of this. Dutiful husbands leave the family home to their wife, but Ron has not only effectively disinherited his, he has also trapped her in an alien village. At least she can speak the local language which, fortunately, is English. One can only hope that she will get on well with the caretaker. 

Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

March 21, 2015

The AIAS Method of Publication and Education (2002 to 2015)

March 21, 2015

This method developed with the establishment of the first website in May 2002, kindly constructed by Robert Gray of Biophan Inc., Rochester, New York State. ”

Robert Gray was a former collaborator of John Roy Robert Searl, the investment conman who claims that he built a levitating perpetual-motion and cancer-curing machine when he was a teenager in impoverished post-war Brtitain, and has been seeking funding to re-build it ever since. Nobody reports ever seeing the original machine, and the one which he now parades around was built by a gullible Californian engineer. When it first appeared, it was admitted that it was a mere demonstration. That has been largely forgotten, and onlookers are now allowed to believe that it is the real deal. Gray himself has applied for a patent on a propulsion device that clearly does not obey Newton’s third law.

“At first I did not fully realize the importance of the open source method of education using websites. From 1973 to 2002 I had published conventionally in books and papers. When the B(3) field was inferred in November 1991 the standard model of physics suddenly began to collapse because B(3) is a longitudinally directed field that indicates the existence of photon mass, as pointed out by Vigier in early 1993. He invited papers on B(3) to “Physics Letters” of which he was an editor and probably nominated B(3) for a Nobel Prize, so I am told several times.”

Vigier was a closet-crackpot who allowed all sorts of nonsense into Physics Letters, notably the ‘work’ of anti-Einstein Peter Graneau who (like Ron’s hero, Assis) does not believe that the railgun obeys Newton’s third law. Graneau’s son works at a leading UK university and has collaborated with another well-known anti-gravity loony to publish papers about reactions that supposedly involve a higher energy output than input. Thus does the cancer of pseudoscience spread. Vigier’s condition (senility?) later worsened to the extent that he appeared at crackpot conferences and was given equal ‘billing’ with Searl.

“Later, Elsevier’s Scitopics also tipped it for a Nobel Prize. I have no reason to doubt that it was nominated. ”

In fact, SciTopics was closed down as soon as Ron appeared; there were so many complaints about his inclusion. That is a pretty good reason to doubt nomination.

“This posed an immediate threat to the entire standard model of physics. The obsolete book and paper method of publication was prone to a severe weakness in that it could be controlled in anonymity by protagonists of the standard model, a few intellectually dishonest. irrational, biased and dogmatic referees could censor everything and ruin a career by preventing funding.”

Or, in other words, your work did not even begin to meet the exacting standards of academe.

“Only van der Merwe’s journals offered fair assessment: “Foundations of Physics” and its Letters journal. So, radical ideas and their development could be stopped almost entirely.”

They were not ‘his’ journals; he was merely the chief editor. When the publisher realized that he was ruining the journal’s reputation, by letting people like ‘Dr’ Thomas Bearden and ‘Professor’ Myron Evans write about perpetual motion, he was sacked and was replaced by Nobelist t’Hooft. 

“As a result physics as a subject stagnated for a century.”

Aha, a little bit of truth: it is true that there has been no breakthrough in physics for about 100 years (string-theory is still just theory, and the Higgs boson is just confirmation of an old theory concerning a well-known phenomenon). What are the odds of a loony chemist making a breakthrough?

“The methods used to block new ideas were often unethical and ruthless, it got to the point where contracts for books would suddenly be broken without explanation, not once but several times. This was and is breach of contract. The worst culprit was World Scientific, which breached contract several times. Its contracts have been severely criticised as worthless. Editors would be saturated by e mailing from a tiny group of people hostile to new ideas.”

It does indeed often take some time for people to realize that Ron is a nutcase. The embarrassing thing here is that World Scientific itself has rather low standards and has published, for instance, papers by German nutter Henning Harmuth. So one has to be pretty bad to be rejected by them. 

“Gradually it got to the point where the only route still open for scientific advancement was the use of websites. In 2002 that was still a radically new idea. The ECE theory was formulated in March 2003 and based from the outset on Cartan’s geometry. The first fifteen papers were published in van der Merwe’s “Foundations of Physics Letters” and refereed at least twice, sometimes three times. ”

This is the route now taken by every crank. Gone are the days when loonies had to use an old Remington, a mimeograph machine and stamps to disseminate their tripe. Desk-top publishing and the internet have been a disaster for the public understanding of science.

“This journal was unfortunately taken over by Springer and organized attacks on it were initiated by Lakhtakia, Bruhn, Rodrigues and ‘t Hooft. It is easy to see that these were personal attacks because Cartan’s geometry itself was being attacked. ”

Nobody has any problem with Cartan; they have a big problem with Ron’s incorrect mathematics.

“These attacks were met head on and defeated by what is now known as open source publishing and the knowledge revolution. ”

Translation: ineffectual ‘refutations’ were published in crank journals.

“This began in earnest with the appearance of Google in about 2008, together with Google Scholar. ”

Google Scholar shows that Ron’s post-breakdown work is cited only by himself and his gang. We suspect that this is probably also true of his opera omnia.

“I was appointed Civil List Pensioner by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005, and these vile, underhand attacks were extended even to the British Head of State.”

This awful mistake is the only thing which makes Ron worth mentioning at all. As soon as the scientific community gets to know about this outrage, the outcry will be worldwide.

“They were accompanied by trolling and so on, the loonie fringe of dogmatic physics, the hidden and foul mouthed zealots of our times. This trolling has been ignored and completely destroyed the credibility of the attackers. The best known troll site is the wikipedia article on ECE which has been discredited entirely by the passage of time and the unprecedented professional interest in the theory (attached Book of Scientometrics, very accurate, completely objective).”

Oh how the guilty squeal when they are exposed. Wikipedia has been fully vindicated, and Ron’s scientometrics are meaningless. Nobody reputable ever mentions his ‘work’, nobody sane ever contacts him directly and he cannot name a single person who ‘consults’ his site.  

“I went on developing ECE theory and posting. Key help was given by Sean MacLachlan and Dave Burleigh, CEO of Annexa Inc., who began to post voluntarily. Lar Felker produced his book on ECE theory in 2007, and from 2006 onwards Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom began to contribute key work. ”

Spreading the guilt. Felker’s book is, of course, cited only by Ron and his fellow conspirators. 

“Alex Hill began to contribute key translation work, and Robert Cheshire contributed over a hundred voluntary broadcasts. With the availability of feedback software from about 2003 onwards I suddenly realized that the work was making an almost unbelievable impact, recorded in the attached Book of Scientometrics.”

Just what one needs to inspire confidence: the support of a Searl-style ‘free-energy’ fraudster, working out of a Mexican hovel, and a pub-singer cum tugboat-captain who cannot pronounce the names of key scientists correctly. 

The anonymous censors and contract breakers were routed and have disappeared into the quicksands of time. Only the raving trolls remain, spitting hatred at themselves and all of humanity, all to no effect at all. Such is human nature compared with the geometric beauty of nature itself.

Ha ha, time will tell. 

Fat Chance

March 17, 2015

Delivering Books and an Autograph Manuscript Example to the NLW

March 17, 2015

I agreed to travel up to Aberystwyth to reach the National Library of Wales by about 11.00 or 11.30 a.m. to meet Mr Gwyn Tudur Davies, Llyfrgellwr Casglu, Acquisitions Librarian. The Library agreed to look at an example of my autograph manuscripts (a folder of papers and a folder of handwritten or autograph notes) and I will proceed to try to get these valued by a prestigious firm of actioneers [sic]”

This reminds us of another crackpot who was an embarrassment to the UK: Eric Laithwaite, who believed (like Ron) that gyroscopes can levitate. Laithwaite once tried to auction, at a starting-price of £1500, his original hand-written Maglev plans. When we last checked, they were still unsold. Not surprising really, given that the concept was not his.

Perishing Publishers

March 17, 2015

Publishing Volume Two of My Autobiography with New Generation Publishing

March 16, 2015

New Generation Publishing has agreed to a Joint Venture and will also probably agree to a Joint Venture for “Principles of ECE Theory”, now being read open source several thousand times a year. Volume Two so far has been printed off and bound and people like it a lot, but it needs to be professionally typeset and so on. AIAS is such a powerful open source publisher now that no traditional publishing house can match it.”

Ron has a tame economist, so why does he not consult him? He would tell Ron that the correct pattern in publishing is (almost) to give books away only after one has squeezed as much profit out of them as possible. One does not give the contents away first, and then try to sell them. What sort of publisher would fall-in with such a demented plan? This sort?

A Typical Scientometric Analysis of AIAS

March 11, 2015

A Typical Scientometrical Analysis

March 11, 2015

This illustrates one out of many possible scientific analyses of the huge amount of feedback data now available, a vast improvement on citation indices and the modern way of doing things.”

One first searches desperately through the spam-like referring URLs, trying to find something fit to mention on the blog,


Then one goes to Google Scholar (or Scopus if one is an employed scientist, rather than living on benefits) and checks the citations of ones work: e.g.,5&hl=en

desperately looking for a reference to it which one has not made oneself. These are thankless tasks but, if ones reputation – or even sanity – depends upon it, it has to be done! 

That Wikipedia Article

March 10, 2015

Ron is no longer on Wikipedia, but did he jump … or was he pushed?

More history:

Breaking News

March 2, 2015

We now have our own stalker, as Ron would term it:

Please watch this young man wreck his professional career before your very eyes.

just another victim of the evil influence exerted by the lunatic fringe. Observe Ron-style ‘pidgin-science’ pursued in pidgin-English! Find even more support for our thesis that electrical engineers are particularly flaky and prone to pseudoscience. 

Finally, watch him perhaps misinform the next generation:

voir p.46

Lest We Forget

March 2, 2015

Here is the only genealogical news, having a Ron connection, that is worth recording:

Forgotten Something Ron?

March 1, 2015

Acknowledgments to Genealogists

March 1, 2015

The attached genealogy and all of that on is the result of many years of meticulous scholarship by several prominent genealogists, including: Stuart Davies, Dewi Lewis, Arthur Turner-Thomas, the late Leonid Morgan, and the eminent Clement Bartrum.”

For someone who is obsessed with titles and status, is it not rather remiss of you to refer to plain ‘Arthur Turner-Thomas’. Have you forgotten about his knighthood; not to mention his George Cross, Victoria Cross, etc? 

Thanks for that handy mailing-list, by the way.