Breaking News

We now have our own stalker, as Ron would term it:

Please watch this young man wreck his professional career before your very eyes.

just another victim of the evil influence exerted by the lunatic fringe. Observe Ron-style ‘pidgin-science’ pursued in pidgin-English! Find even more support for our thesis that electrical engineers are particularly flaky and prone to pseudoscience. 

Finally, watch him perhaps misinform the next generation:

voir p.46


One Response to “Breaking News”

  1. Dirac Equation Says:

    The name is beautifully inept. They might have achieved the hoped-for effect by calling it ‘Crackpotwatch-watch’, conveying the sentiment of ‘quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’. Instead, ‘Crackpotcrackpotwatch’ just says ‘like Crackpotwatch, but certifiably insane’.

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