A Typical Scientometric Analysis of AIAS

A Typical Scientometrical Analysis

March 11, 2015

This illustrates one out of many possible scientific analyses of the huge amount of feedback data now available, a vast improvement on citation indices and the modern way of doing things.”

One first searches desperately through the spam-like referring URLs, trying to find something fit to mention on the blog,


Then one goes to Google Scholar (or Scopus if one is an employed scientist, rather than living on benefits) and checks the citations of ones work: e.g.


desperately looking for a reference to it which one has not made oneself. These are thankless tasks but, if ones reputation – or even sanity – depends upon it, it has to be done! 


2 Responses to “A Typical Scientometric Analysis of AIAS”

  1. autographhunter Says:

    Understatement of the century from Moron:-

    “Without in any way wishing to come across as vain or arrogant”.

    If anyone wants to make a quick dollar, then head off to cottage 50, Rhyddwen Road in Wales UK and ask Moron for an autographed manuscript it will be worth a fortune in any auction of Science Fiction memorabilia.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      It is amusing that he thinks that all of his archiving and donating is a good thing. We welcome it because it means that he cannot hide any of his lies (such as being an Honorary Fellow of a university which has probably long forgotten him). It will all eventually be an invaluable resource to investigative journalists and those writing about pseudoscience or abnormal psychology.

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