Perishing Publishers

Publishing Volume Two of My Autobiography with New Generation Publishing

March 16, 2015

New Generation Publishing has agreed to a Joint Venture and will also probably agree to a Joint Venture for “Principles of ECE Theory”, now being read open source several thousand times a year. Volume Two so far has been printed off and bound and people like it a lot, but it needs to be professionally typeset and so on. AIAS is such a powerful open source publisher now that no traditional publishing house can match it.”

Ron has a tame economist, so why does he not consult him? He would tell Ron that the correct pattern in publishing is (almost) to give books away only after one has squeezed as much profit out of them as possible. One does not give the contents away first, and then try to sell them. What sort of publisher would fall-in with such a demented plan? This sort?


2 Responses to “Perishing Publishers”

  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    Trying to muster valuation on years of scribbled notes is a similarly poor approach. No the National Trust won’t be interested. Yes FAMOUS scientist’s noted HAVE been valued at thousands per piece, but they’re famous. And dead. Long dead.
    Citing flawed hits on a website as a measure of how famous you are simply won’t do. If that were true, every scrap of accounting document from a supermarket chain would be a mint for the owners who would gladly pass all their waste paperwork to the National Trust at a few paltry hundreds each. No. His isn’t fame. Fame isn’t wealth. Stop wasting a national charities time.

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