Qu’Elle Mange de la Brioche?

Enquiry to The National Trust at Dinefwr

March 22, 2015

National Trust,
Dinefwr Park and Newton House,

Recently I set up the Newlands Family Trust with the aim of conserving this house in which I was born in 1950. It is an original coal miner’s house in good condition and houses a potentially valuable collection of my papers and other artifacts in the manner of the Dylan Thomas Boathouse. I recently visited the National Trust farmhouse at Aberdeunant, Taliaris, Llandeilo and met the caretaker and working farmer Huw Williams there. He kindly gave me contact infomation for Wyn Davies, a historian with interest in Dinefwr. I would like to appoint the best possible Welsh speaking caretaker tenants for this house,”

We worry about Mrs Ron’s fate in all of this. Dutiful husbands leave the family home to their wife, but Ron has not only effectively disinherited his, he has also trapped her in an alien village. At least she can speak the local language which, fortunately, is English. One can only hope that she will get on well with the caretaker. 


2 Responses to “Qu’Elle Mange de la Brioche?”

  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    I don’t think Mrs Ron has been in the country since the end of last year. This message would appear to suggest that she isn’t expected to be in the country at all. Whilst this is a clear victory over those evil 2nd-homer newcomers who don’t speak Welsh at all, without leaping to the most obvious conclusion on Ron’s domestic affairs, one wonders what’s going on.

  2. Port Tennant Says:

    What a load of Trollocks!

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