Wer ist Kurt Arenhold?

Siemens Stain sagte:

“I finished a paper with my Munich colleague Kurt Arenhold who could
verify the experimental results of Osamu Ide as already reported.”

One does not want to cast aspersions on someone’s sanity but, when German Economic News  commented on the Chancellor’s refusal to release  a UFO report,


saying (presumably tongue-in-cheek):

“Our guess: The study came to the shocking conclusion that the dome of the Reichstag was not as publicly suspected, built by Sir Norman Foster and British, but a spaceship from the fourth dimension. Some aliens are lost on the government benches and wonder to this day at everything the earthlings think of and, without contradiction, pour into law. But after a few years the whole fantasy has become too much even for the aliens. You have the courts of the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Economy all cleared. Angela Merkel is looking for followers. The spacecraft is still at anchor in Berlin.”

one Kurt Arenhold commented, in all seriousness,

“The reason for the secrecy is very simple, “Thou shalt have no other God beside me!”. If the existence of Foreign Affairs were disclosed, the results would undoubtedly be of interest to the part population. We have tons of problems and need solutions – “out there” might have solutions that would jeopardize the local power structure … . If Merkel and co burn all our asses to remain in their cushy positions – I call it treason. That was once potentially punishable. Clearly not any more.”

He also sets out his ufologist stall here:


And of course he believes in perpetual-motion, including the ridiculous Steorn (Irish joke) con of a few years ago, commenting,

“Apparently Steorn not is really anything new – the only issue is that it’s significantly smaller – and thus practical. The EBM technology ( http://www.gammamanager.com/ ) used magnetic flux from the electromagnet, Orbo [uses] rare earth magnets. The basis is apparently variation of the magnetization of soft magnetic materials. The videos http://www.steorn.com actually explain this quite well.”



For his part, Ide has been hawking his nonsense for years. Spiky outputs have been the basis of many perpetual-motion scams.


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  1. Dirac Equation Says:

    Spot the difference:


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