On Obvious Failures

“There is an unlimited source of clean electric power in the ECE vacuum. In my opinion these devices should be developed and marketed as soon as is humanly possible. Conventional fossil fuel causes pollution and wind turbines are an obvious failure.

Cordially Yours,

Myron Evans.

cc Prime Minister’s Office in my role as Civil List Pensioner”

The sad fact is of course that, even if Cameron reads letters from perpetual-motion nutters (Searl also writes to the Prime Minister), he would have to ask an adviser to confirm for him that they were nonsense. Political leaders (including Hitler) have always acted as if they were chat-show hosts; eager to meet footballers and actors but decidedly averse to interacting with scientists; even real ones. On the bright side, one imagines that politicians are good at spotting FALs so, weighing-up an unemployed (unemployable?) chemist and the ‘research’ of another chemist who could not get a job as a chemist, we can well imagine where Ron’s missives end up.  

FAL? Failure-at-life.


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