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SciTopics, Lest We Forget

April 27, 2015

Some years ago, Elsevier launched SciTopics in order  to showcase new scientific research. Ron obviously thought that this would be a soft target, and posted his usual collection of ECE rubbish:

Unfortunately, there was a whistle-blower in the offing (scroll down to Comments) and Ron was soon beset by mathematical experts. Elsevier finally decided that it was not up to handling nutters, and closed Ron’s page. In fact, this seems to have caused the publisher to shut down SciTopics altogether. Our thanks to Dr Frazier, the whistle-blower, for drawing everyone’s attention to that attempt to promulgate pseudoscience. 


Poor Deluded Ron

April 25, 2015

Number One on Google

April 25, 2015

All 312 UFT items on hit the coveted number one spot on Google and this is indeed a phenomenon, as mentioned by Simon Clifford. Often a UFT item holds the top four or five positions on Google. There are about two hundred Google criteria, the most important are: high quality, a popular page and website, relevance of the keywords. Google has a careful quality control filter which filters out bad websites.”

No, it is not. Try this experiment, Ron: go to an internet-cafe and do the same search. Your UFT sites will come nowhere (unless the cafe happens to be frequented by loonies). What is certainly happening is that Google is choosing the sites that it shows you, based upon its record of the sites which you have previously accessed. The more that you google ‘UFT’, the higher it will get. Meanwhile, Google certainly does not have a quality-filter; even Scholar does not filter out blatant pseudoscience.   


April 24, 2015

“In fact all three thousand items on will come up on google in one way or another. All the ECE books and papers and my Omnia Opera papers are in Google Scholar. So if people continue to ignore this impact and still act as if it does not exist, who needs ostriches? To get meaningful results use keywords that are general, but not too general. Knowledge gradually becomes absorbed into the population like ink into blotting paper.”

Of course, Ron does not read our blog (HoHo), but perhaps one of his gang could bring this matter to his attention. Given the overwhelming success (HaHa) of his theory, there must be millions of converts out there just itching to thank him. They obviously cannot manage e-mailing, otherwise he would be flooded daily with correspondence. But why not demonstrate his popularity more directly. So here is the deal, Ron: allow comments to be made on your blog for a period of just 24 hours; we promise that none of us will exploit the opportunity. You would probably cheat by having your gang-members post hundreds of comments each, using numerous aliases, but we are willing to take the risk. Failure to take up this challenge will be interpreted as meaning that you know that the response will not justify your claims.

More Popular Than Pornography?

April 24, 2015

Some More Googling using Genreal Keywords

April 24, 2015

The following results again confirm the impact of ECE and also my earlier work.

1) Keywords Memory Function: “Memory Function Approaches to Stochastic Problems in Condensed Matter on page four out of 1,880,000,000 sites.”

Where are you getting these figures, Ron, or are you inventing them – as you do with the scientometrics? We get 1170 hits for “Memory Function Approaches to Stochastic Problems in Condensed Matter” and 291000 hits for Memory Function Approaches to Stochastic Problems in Condensed Matter. Even ‘pornography’ yields only 101000000 hits. Why do you even imagine that you can get away with such blatant lying?  

Ron’s Millstone

April 24, 2015


Sent: 23/04/2015 19:46:06 GMT Daylight Time
Subj: Nova Program on Hubble Telescope

Dr Evans, Last night, the PBS program NOVA, showed the development of the Hubble telescope. They casually mention dark matter, red shift, big bang, and black holes, like they are proven facts. This kind of embedded propaganda infuriates me. This program was paid for by David Koch (fossil fuel billionaire), who spends millions of dollars each year, keeping the obsolete physics on it’s holy altar. This NOVA program was definitely worth the time to watch, but also, quite upsetting to see the old dogma presented as fact. The program made a point to show, that scientists who follow the mainstream, are rewarded by the Nobel committee.”

So Ron’s Michael Jackson does not believe in the Big Bang, etc. What does he believe in? Well, he thinks that Ron’s theory explains the human soul:

Here is a sample of its content:

No matter what the immediate results of this crop are, earth will eventually reap another harvest of completed souls. In regards to the outcome of this crop, the satanists, in charge of Earth, will never allow mankind to learn the nature of the soul. The satanists have known this secret for centuries, and that is their ONLY strength. The satanists destroy the pineal gland by adding fluoride, and mercury, to water and food, which makes direct soul experience difficult. The satanists do all they can to reduce health, longevity, intelligence, free will, contact with nature, and finding truth and meaning in life.”

This tripe is listed on, but the link is broken. Could it be that Ron has become embarrassed by its presence? No, that cannot be the case, for why then would he leave this quite unbelievable nonsense on his blog:

Go to the audio file at the bottom of the post, and listen (especially to Jackson’s take on Einstein [6:44] and Cartan [7:44]).   How does Ron expect anyone to take him seriously? The fact that he did not deny, nor disassociate himself from, these claims when he was later interviewed by Rancid can mean only that he endorses them. So, Ron, tell us more about Cartan the Nazi collaborator …

Never Read It????!!!!!!

April 23, 2015

Famous Last Words

April 23, 2015

“Evans’ work is not worth reading”, written by an anonymous sage in 2011. He dismissed ECE as being not Lorentz covariant and not being based on experiment. Since 2011 it has been read tens of millions of times. This was the result of swallowing the late unlamented Bruhn hook, line and sinker and throwing up all over the internet. This incomparable genius never read ECE as he admits in a show of touching honesty.”

For those unfamiliar with the excellent anti-pseudoscientific efforts of Professor Bruhn, here is the link:

Gasp as Bruhn expertly tears Ron’s incorrect mathematics into little pieces in numerous closely-argued papers. As Ron says, ‘an incomparable genius’.

The Sound of a Barrel Being Scraped

April 23, 2015

Some More Google Rankings of ECE Theory

April 23, 2015

These are made with very general keywords, and this gives phenomenal results as described by Simon Clifford. These keywords can be typed in by anyone who has Google Chrome, without enclosing ” “.”

And if one types in Myron Evans, 40% of the first ten hits are anti-Ron. What on Earth are you trying to prove? If moreover you consider your rubbish output to be ‘scientific’ in some way, why are you recommending Google searches, and not Google-Scholar searches? But we know why, don’t we? It is because Scholar clearly shows that nobody cites your post-breakdown work apart from yourself and your gang-members. Is that not rather odd, if your loony theories have supposedly replaced real science?

Mad Evans is Evans-Mad!

April 23, 2015

“This note infers two new identities and collects together the six new identities of all geometry inferred in Notes 313(3) and 313(4). I propose to name these the Bianchi Cartan Evans (BCE) identities, Eqs. (3), (5) and (6), and the Jacobi Cartan Evans (JCE) identities Eqs. (7) to (9). It is already clear that there are going to be many more JCE identities, because the commutator can act on any tensor, not just a vector.”

We propose that Evans should henceforth be appended to every loony theory and to every unfounded or unconfirmed scientific ‘discovery’. It could also be added to the Baez Crackpot Index,

Oh … never mind, it has already been added (rule 25, scoring 20 points).

Isn’t That Frightening?

April 22, 2015

Steve Bannister’s Thesis Defense

April 22, 2015

Dr (soon to be) Steve Bannister,
Department of Economics,
University of Utah,
U. S. A.,

Dear Steve,

It was a pleasure to participate on the examining committee, and congratulations on your Ph. D. and post doctoral position.”

So we now have someone who can wave an important-looking piece of paper at people and tell them that the future lies in the development of perpetual-motion machines. It is no wonder that the public understanding of science is in such a parlous state. But, in this case, what can one expect? An entire state, which owes its existence largely to the lies of a crooked/insane evangelist (is there any other sort), can hardly be expected to exercise any sort of rational quality-control over its academic output. 

PS Ron. You did not ‘participate on the examining committee’; you were merely ‘standing at the back of the room’, albeit in electronic form. 

Testing UFT88 and UFT175 to Destruction

April 21, 2015

Testing Google with UFT88 and UFT175

April 21, 2015

These are two of the most heavily studied papers of the UFT series, refuting Einsteinian general relativity and the Heisenberg indeterminacy principle respectively. By typing the titles into Google without ” ” the following results are obtained:”

Inserting those search terms into Google Scholar yields 4 hits (zero citations) and 8 hits (zero citations), respectively. And your point is …?

Desperately (Google) Searching … Success

April 21, 2015

Google Keyword Method April 21, 2015

Many thanks Simon, and also thanks for your help in broadcasting and other work. The entire AIAS including yourself, should share in the kudos, in particular the co authors of these papers, Horst Eckardt, Gareth Evans and Trevor Morris. I will try typing in the titles of various papers to see how they rank in Google, just out of curiosity. I am pretty sure that ECE theory saturates the entire community by now. There is no longer personal animosity between different schools of thought, and this is a return to a norm of mutual interest and respect.” Yes many thanks to illiterate (“this is a phenomena”) Simon for helping to make your gang look yet more ignorant. But here is an idea: type the titles of the various papers into Google Scholar, then check how many times they have been cited, and then (and this is the real challenge), report how many of those citations are by independent non-critical academics. Are you honest enough to do that, Ron? Are you? Or are you just a sort of male-scientist ‘Norma Desmond’ living on among the wreckage of your own life, endlessly re-living long-past glories … and imagined future ones?

Appeal for Witnesses

April 21, 2015

Scientific Analysis of the Troll Threat

April 21, 2015

Many thanks for this useful paper. My opinion is well known on this matter of trolls, having fought these vicious criminals for years – a combined effort is needed to introduce sweeping reforms so they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and legislation to identify and remove troll sites as soon as they start to appear. The obvious short term antidote for a person under troll attack is to ignore them completely and to gather evidence for effective criminal prosecution.”

That is terrible, Ron. Well, if a community should ever form around your ‘work’, and attracts anything worse than informed criticism, we shall be sure to let you know. Meanwhile, could we urge interested parties to set up such a community for Ron, using this poor neglected video as a focus:

Just look at that last plaintive comment; there is someone who has certainly missed all of the ‘scientometrics’.

Make sure that you do not miss Ron’s God-like role at 2:14. Or is he just trying to be an evil version of the Teletubbies baby?

Oldsters and Computers

April 20, 2015

Google “Einstein and the Second Bianchi Identity” ; UFT88 number one site

April 20, 2015

I used these keywords in an attempt to find the first paper in which Albert Einstein used the second Bianchi identity, making it proportional to the covariant Noether theorem. This procedure gave the famous but flawed 1915 Einstein field equation of gravitation, immediately rejected by Schwarzschild (Dec. 1915), Schroedinger (1918) and Bauer (1918). It was refuted definitively in UFT88 and replaced by the ECE field equations of gravitation (UFT303). I accidentally found that these keywords put UFT88 in first position out of 67,700 sites, with three more UFT items on page two.”

We do not find any such thing. Are you sure that you have not accidentally enabled Google’s ‘intelligent search’ option? This will automatically and preferentially bring up sites which you have accessed yourself in the past. We know, from your pathetic faith in the significance of hits on your websites, that you do not understand the internet. But don’t feel too badly about it: one of us once made the same mistake. Every time that he googled ‘myron evans’, the system helpfully suggested ‘crank’ as an additional search term. This did not happen when he used his university connection.

How Green was my River

April 17, 2015

Skype test

April 17, 2015″

Well Ron, if that piece was your summary of a thesis on the industrial history of your region, it would be returned for further work. You have completely omitted the huge South Wales copper-industry. Have you forgotten that, as recently as the 1970s, the river still ran green with copper salts? And as for the nickel industry at Clydach, and its innovative use of poison gas by a German, perhaps the chemistry is beyond you. Tsk tsk.

The Coming Storm

April 16, 2015

We have been vouchsafed an early view of the manuscript of a forthcoming book which, to put it mildly, tears into the lunatic fringe like a buzz-saw. As the author himself (someone not entirely unknown to Ron) puts it, “it makes Robert Park’s Voodoo Science look like a love-letter”. Our comments, corrections and insights are being sought. The book reveals that not all perpetual-motion and antigravity loonies run ‘institutes’ out of their sitting-rooms and have to found their own journals in order to get published. In fact, this sort of crackpot is in the minority in this book: most of its subjects are academics at real universities or engineers at the  ‘Fortune-50’ companies that Ron is so fond of citing. Because there are so many ostensibly bona fide engineers to be outed, there is relatively little room to mention people such as Ron and Searl. But what is said is unrelentingly savage. Ron will, as is his wont, undoubtedly call on PC Plod; but to no avail, as every single sentence ‘merely’ recounts indisputable documentary fact. If this book, to be published later this year, does not put pressure on the Honors Forfeiture Committee, to rescind Ron’s Civil-List Pension, nothing will!

No Company for a Civil-List Scientist

April 16, 2015

“Pleasure, the attached volume two of the Book of Scientometrics (volume one UFT307, in press New Generation) has a history of the spin connection which was used in UFT311. In the years 2002 to 2015 there has been a complete change in the attitude of Patent Offices to energy from spacetime (,, The early attitude was similar to that of the luddites of the first industrial revolution. They feared that they would lose their jobs because of the spinning jenny invented by James Hargreaves in 1764.

In a message dated 15/04/2015 17:16:55 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Dr. Evans,

I read your emails. They were all interesting.

I remember that Jason Owen sent me a few emails in 2012.

Jeane Manning( writer ) introduced me to him.

He read my paper of Physics Procedia (2011 ).”

The various patent offices pay peanuts and consequently have monkeys working for them. We know of at least three crackpot inventors who have worked as patent examiners, and one who is a patent attorney! So it is not surprising that some loony patents slip through and are granted. On the last occasion that that happened there was an outcry in Nature magazine (that idiotic device, ‘brainchild’ of a sewage engineer, was snapped up by Ron’s former friend Fucilla, who even started a company to exploit it). However, most of the crackpot patents listed by, for example, Google Patents, have not in fact been granted. This is a misunderstanding which is gleefully exploited by pseudoscientific conmen: they, like Ron, point to patent applications which have been nicely printed-up by the patent office, and tacitly imply that they have been granted. They have not: they have merely been published. Manning, by the way, is an unscrupulous journalist and sociologist (two dodgy ‘professions’ for the price of one) who has made herself the spokesperson for the lunatic fringe. She has never met a perpetual-motion or antigravity nut that she could not make money from (by writing a book about them). It goes without saying that she is a believer in Tesla, Schauberger and Searl.  Physics Procedia is a journal which specializes in publishing conference proceedings. The editors do not seem to know, or care, whether these are bona fide scientific conferences … or mere assemblies of lunatic pseudoscientists. 

How Not To …

April 9, 2015

FOR POSTING : Cover of Auto Two

April 9, 2015

To Dave Burleigh and Sean Maclachlan: I would be most grateful if this could be posted and advertized on the sites with its ISBN number. I think that the price is about £7″

Jeez: how not to write a ‘blurb’. One is supposed to attract buyers, Ron. And would it not be a good idea to have a professional proof-reader, possessing a better knowledge of English language and grammar, check it?

Rejected by Rejects!

April 9, 2015

Evans / Morris Effects

April 9, 2015

Dr. Myron Evans,

I would like to thank you for the information contained in your below message, but I feel obliged to disagree with your personal opinion that the frequency redshift of light in bioliquids can be explained with quantum mechanics and be in actuality a new confirmation of that theory (!).”

HaHa, even other loonies do not want to associate with him!

Oh look, he deleted that post. We should have copied the whole thing. Briefly, the Santilli-gang had told him to stop pestering them … again.

How the Loonies Conspire

April 8, 2015

” The book of choice for the non specialist is Alexander Unzicker’s book, ‘The Higgs Fake’ which retails for around £10. I have a copy here and have read it from cover to cover. It is an easy read and many readers will feel, that what is revealed in the book, is what they always thought about the standard model, but believed their own views were naive, due to the reputations of the clique of supporters of the flawed standard model. Perhaps you should consider adding this book as a reference to your introduction.”

Well of course one incompetent schoolteacher is going to back the opinions of another incompetent schoolteacher; it is the pupils that we fear for. What is one to think of Unzicker? Here is a good start:

And how is your tripe faring, Penderghastly? Oh look, The Life … has been cited 115 times, and every citation was by the book’s subject. 

A Writer(?) Writes

April 8, 2015

“The introduction to volume one of the scientometrics is well thought out and is the distillation of the historical background of ECE theory and photon mass, referencing how it has shaken the establishment’s view of the standard model and has consequently been singled out for unwarranted and viscous attacks, aimed at attempting to stop the new theory taking hold and displacing the standard model.”

says Penderghastly, a pseudoscientific ‘science teacher’ now enjoying an undeserved retirement. We would love to launch a very warranted attack, but we have no idea how to go about launching a ‘viscous’ one. Does it mean that the victim has to be, in some sense, ‘thick’, ‘oleaginous’ perhaps even prone to ‘creep’?  Meanwhile we await Penderghastly’s reviews of Ron’s latest books which will, no doubt, be awarded 5 stars even before he has read them.

Season of Dirty Tricks

April 8, 2015

The UK is close to a General Election in which even the smallest parties are very likely to be wooed as participants in another (but even worse) coalition government. So everybody in Ron’s neck-of-the-woods is up-in-arms about this:

Why is this relevant here? Because Sewage-Evans is a local-government employee at Ceredigion County Council. Now, just suppose that Plaid Cymru starts to thrash about, looking for some way of blackening the reputation of its local rivals for power. They might well think that it was worth pointing out that the Party currently controlling CCC sees fit to employ a ‘scientific’ adviser who is in fact a pseudoscientist, backs concepts such as perpetual-motion and antigravity and is a follower of a notorious loony. We urge any followers of ours who live in South Wales to contact Plaid Cymru and tell them not to pull such an underhand trick.

plaid cymru welsh nazi nazi nazi nazi nazi welsh welsh nazi nazi nazi nazi nazi welsh welsh welsh

Important Updates on a Previous Post

April 8, 2015

We recently drew attention to this scum-bag,

She claims, among other things, that the twin-towers were brought down by some sort of ‘death-ray’, based upon the non-existent ‘Hutchison Effect’. Due to Ron’s dubious spelling, we previously missed the connections. What do we have here? Why, it is Sewage-Evans claiming priority in the discovery of Hutchison-type phenomena:

And here is Ron in fine form,

corresponding with a crackpot believer in the Hutchinson Effect, and threatening those who dare to question his greatness. And all of this is archived! One day, somebody is going to have great fun with all of this devastatingly embarrassing data, and tear Ron apart in a very public manner.

PS: And is it not very worrying to find that so many aerospace engineers hold pseudoscientific beliefs? As well as Bigelow, there was Lear-Jet Lear who believed in flying saucers and McDonnell (of McDonnell-Douglas) who believed in the paranormal. It is quite amazing that terrorists and loons are even needed to bring aircraft down, is it not?

Alzheimer Onset?

April 8, 2015

Message for Dr Hansen

April 8, 2015

Dear Dr Hansen and Santilli Foundation,

I found that you have moved to Columbia and have retired from NASA. Since Gareth Evans has been invited to write the paper I think it should be a new paper by him. We have developed a new open source method of publication and retain copyright on all our works. If you look at UFT307 this has been spectacularly successful. Our work has been read at Columbia many times. You are a well known climatologist and Gareth drew my attention to your work. The very simple expriment suggested in UFT308 could easily be carried out at Columbia. I worked for a while at Cornell.


Myron Evans”

Ron seems to have forgotten his previous connections with Santilli. In the ‘good old days’ there was:

but then came,

And should not Ms Fleming already be aware that Ron is an honorary professor at Santilli’s Institute for Basic Research?

(see foot of page). And here is the ‘great man’ himself.

Yep, Hansen is a real catch for Ron but confirms our belief that NASA employs loonies.

Day of Rest

April 7, 2015

Daily Report 5/4/15

April 7, 2015

There were 2,341 hits from 435 distinct visits, main spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex and yahoo. Evans / Morris papers 72, Principles of ECE 42, F3(Sp) 40, Book of Scientometrics 37, Auto1 37, Auto2 10, UFT311 21, UFT88 16, CEFE 13, Llais 11, Englynion (Second Book of Poetry) 4, Autobiography Sonnets 2 to date in April 2015. Dalhousie University Canada Infinite Solenoid, Federico Santa Maria Technical University Chile Essay 12(Sp); University of Wisconsin Madison UFT213; University of Warsaw UFT88; Faculty of Science University of Porto Portugal UFT199″

Not for the first time do we wonder who exactly goes to work on a Sunday and then wastes time by looking at Ron’s nonsense. And this was Easter Sunday! And are not Chile and Portugal notably Catholic countries? That should double the shame of consulting Ron’s rubbish.

“It’ll Koest Ler”

April 6, 2015

“In fact it is easy for any bright O level pupil to see that the Einstein theory is totally wrong. This is a little inconvenient for grant applications for large amounts of our money as taxpayers, but inconvenience is not Baconian science. Neither is it geometry. I would advise governments not to fund ultra, ultra expensive but obsolete theories. “Ubi materia, ibi geometria” (Johannes Kepler, Imperial Mathematicus to the Holy Roman Emperor in Prague in the early seventeenth century). “Where there is matter there is geometry” (see “The Sleepwalkers” by Arthur Koestler, online open source).”

The taxpayers could save some money by stopping Ron’s undeserved Civil List pension, for a start. Any schoolboy can easily track down the many recent scientific papers which have considered the effect of incorporating torsion into General Relativity and have found it irrelevant. We listed some of them ourselves last year. ‘Torsion Field’ is in fact a concept that is associated with ‘street-level’ fraud and – among other things – threatened to despoil a UK beauty-spot because some loonies claimed to have detected ‘micro-lepton emissions’ which indicated the presence of oil. The whole scam was based upon a branch of ‘torsion-field physics’, and the ‘work’ of a Russian alcoholic. And how like Ron it is to admire Koestler: a mere journalist who made elementary scientific errors in his books and who is widely considered to have been a murderer (by bullying his young wife into a suicide-pact).

Reference Aid

April 6, 2015

The music-teacher said,

“Have you ever seen any if the direct-field synthesis techniques for generating long-wavelength emissions from electrically small antennas? I believe a chap called Hatley was working on them some time ago with the Egyptian government. He proposed that a pointing-vector could synthesise a wave by directly exciting crossed H&E fields. This means there’d be no need for resonant structures and the lower limit of EM radiation could be extended downwards arbitrarily.”

He is referring to the ‘crossed-field antenna’ of Kabbary and Hately which was widely discussed in the letters pages of Electronics and Wireless World (then the go-to place for the lunatic fringe before loony blogs, websites and fake scientific journals became the norm) some decades ago. Everybody except loonies like anti-Einstein Harold Aspden and Ivor Catt (sometimes blamed for the demise of Sinclair Electronics) laughed at the concept. It was contrary to theory and experience, and disappeared without trace. If Ron’s ‘antenna-expert’ paid any attention to it, then he must have been pretty incompetent. He must still be now, as he spells ‘Poynting’ as ‘pointing’ (in case some readers were thinking, “don’t all vectors point?” LOL). Here is a little test for him, if Ron’s circuit should happen to exhibit Joule-heating, in which direction will the Poynting vector be pointing?

The Mystery Continues

April 4, 2015

Book of Scientometrics with a Historical Introduction

April 4, 2015

In preparation for the publication of this book with New Generation, I have started to prepare a short historical introduction to the background and development of ECE theory.”

So why is it that Google Scholar returns only some 370 hits for ‘ECE Theory’? And, having trimmed-off citations by Ron and his gang, critical papers and papers concerning an entirely different ECE Theory, why is one left with essentially nothing? Are ‘his people’ waiting for something? Is it like the plot of Invasion of the Body-Snatchers or The Following?  Are they all suddenly going to rise up and dispose of the ‘unbelievers’? They exhibit precious little sign of activity so far, and every passing year casts further doubt over the whole affair.  

Reading Our Blog, Ron?

April 1, 2015

PS To Note 312(2)

April 1, 2015

In order to evaluate the flux density from a wire with 60 Hz mains current, radiation theory will be needed, as in UFT309. That will be the subject of the next note.”

Well, Duh! We pointed that out hours ago. You only have to ask if you want some help with the (correct) physics.

This is perhaps a good place to give the answer to our question: how fast does an electron travel in a normal conductor? Did you guess something like, “close to the speed of light”? Nope, Usain Bolt could easily out-run an electron in a wire. Oh, many and varied are the counter-intuitive ways of real physics. That is why loonies like Ron prefer to think up their own.

April Fool

April 1, 2015

312(2): Measurement of Photon Rest Mass with Mains Frequency and Flux Density

April 1, 2015

This is an experiment that any electrical engineer or scientist can try. The mains frequency is about 60 Hz and the power in watts is volts multiplied by amps. The flux density is watts divided by an area in square metres. This could be the area of the wire carrying an electric current from the mains.”

This is quite the most ridiculous of the many ludicrous posts by Ron. There was a scare-story circulating, some decades ago, to the effect that – if the UK’s national grid reached a critical size – then all of the energy within it would be radiated uselessly into space. That gives some idea of the magnitude of the phenomenon that Ron thinks can be detected in a small circuit. It is also well known that, when an aerial radiates energy, it suffers a small 3rd-law reaction force. Non-physicists like Ron just cannot get their heads around such facts which, to them, indicate photon-mass. Ron is here starting to tread on the toes of coaxial-cable loony, Ivor Catt. The latter’s star  is currently in the ascendant; a book has been written about him, and there is talk of a film. One wonders whether Ron can see through some of Catt’s ideas. Here is a little Catt-related quiz: how fast does an electron travel through a normal conductor?  The answer will be given later.

Fun Run

April 1, 2015

UFT311 Starting its Run

April 1, 2015

UFT311 has been read 49 times in about a week, so is being read at a rate of over 2,500 times a year alone. Multiply this by 1.6 to get the complete number of readings of about 4,000 times a year,, It is a breakthrough paper giving complete agreement between ECE theory and a circuit by Osamu Ide whose design is known in all detail and given in the paper.”

Here is a funny thing, a George Hathaway has warned against believing results of the Ide type,

It is funny because Hathaway is himself a leading (antigravity) loony. We alluded to him recently when we mentioned that someone had co-authored pseudoscientific ‘over-unity’ papers with Neal Graneau (then of Cambridge University[!]). Neal is the son of late anti-Einstein nutter, Peter Graneau. So, even other perpetual-motion enthusiasts do not believe Ide.

Sick Joke, April 1st and Every Other Day

April 1, 2015

While looking for something else, we came upon this piece of scum,

It just goes to show that Ron is not the only ‘scientist’ to be completely devoid of principles. Oh, and she is also a fan of Hutchison, the antigravity loon. Only in America …

PS: In case readers are wondering why her website is it is because her co-scum co-conspiritor, 50-year old computer-engineer Andrew Dominic Johnson, lives in the UK. He has carefully concealed his address from look-up, but he can be contacted here:

and skilled surfers will be able to find his Borrowash address in a few seconds.