Fun Run

UFT311 Starting its Run

April 1, 2015

UFT311 has been read 49 times in about a week, so is being read at a rate of over 2,500 times a year alone. Multiply this by 1.6 to get the complete number of readings of about 4,000 times a year,, It is a breakthrough paper giving complete agreement between ECE theory and a circuit by Osamu Ide whose design is known in all detail and given in the paper.”

Here is a funny thing, a George Hathaway has warned against believing results of the Ide type,

It is funny because Hathaway is himself a leading (antigravity) loony. We alluded to him recently when we mentioned that someone had co-authored pseudoscientific ‘over-unity’ papers with Neal Graneau (then of Cambridge University[!]). Neal is the son of late anti-Einstein nutter, Peter Graneau. So, even other perpetual-motion enthusiasts do not believe Ide.


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