“It’ll Koest Ler”

“In fact it is easy for any bright O level pupil to see that the Einstein theory is totally wrong. This is a little inconvenient for grant applications for large amounts of our money as taxpayers, but inconvenience is not Baconian science. Neither is it geometry. I would advise governments not to fund ultra, ultra expensive but obsolete theories. “Ubi materia, ibi geometria” (Johannes Kepler, Imperial Mathematicus to the Holy Roman Emperor in Prague in the early seventeenth century). “Where there is matter there is geometry” (see “The Sleepwalkers” by Arthur Koestler, online open source).”

The taxpayers could save some money by stopping Ron’s undeserved Civil List pension, for a start. Any schoolboy can easily track down the many recent scientific papers which have considered the effect of incorporating torsion into General Relativity and have found it irrelevant. We listed some of them ourselves last year. ‘Torsion Field’ is in fact a concept that is associated with ‘street-level’ fraud and – among other things – threatened to despoil a UK beauty-spot because some loonies claimed to have detected ‘micro-lepton emissions’ which indicated the presence of oil. The whole scam was based upon a branch of ‘torsion-field physics’, and the ‘work’ of a Russian alcoholic. And how like Ron it is to admire Koestler: a mere journalist who made elementary scientific errors in his books and who is widely considered to have been a murderer (by bullying his young wife into a suicide-pact).


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