Reference Aid

The music-teacher said,

“Have you ever seen any if the direct-field synthesis techniques for generating long-wavelength emissions from electrically small antennas? I believe a chap called Hatley was working on them some time ago with the Egyptian government. He proposed that a pointing-vector could synthesise a wave by directly exciting crossed H&E fields. This means there’d be no need for resonant structures and the lower limit of EM radiation could be extended downwards arbitrarily.”

He is referring to the ‘crossed-field antenna’ of Kabbary and Hately which was widely discussed in the letters pages of Electronics and Wireless World (then the go-to place for the lunatic fringe before loony blogs, websites and fake scientific journals became the norm) some decades ago. Everybody except loonies like anti-Einstein Harold Aspden and Ivor Catt (sometimes blamed for the demise of Sinclair Electronics) laughed at the concept. It was contrary to theory and experience, and disappeared without trace. If Ron’s ‘antenna-expert’ paid any attention to it, then he must have been pretty incompetent. He must still be now, as he spells ‘Poynting’ as ‘pointing’ (in case some readers were thinking, “don’t all vectors point?” LOL). Here is a little test for him, if Ron’s circuit should happen to exhibit Joule-heating, in which direction will the Poynting vector be pointing?


One Response to “Reference Aid”

  1. ConcernedSort Says:

    Ron’s honky-tonk engineer should be careful citing such gibberish. That project never saw the light of day, another scam, but at least he was trying to point out another crackpot’s crackpottery in his own ignorant crackpot way. Hopefully his mad-music makes more sense than Ron’s mad writing.

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