Day of Rest

Daily Report 5/4/15

April 7, 2015

There were 2,341 hits from 435 distinct visits, main spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex and yahoo. Evans / Morris papers 72, Principles of ECE 42, F3(Sp) 40, Book of Scientometrics 37, Auto1 37, Auto2 10, UFT311 21, UFT88 16, CEFE 13, Llais 11, Englynion (Second Book of Poetry) 4, Autobiography Sonnets 2 to date in April 2015. Dalhousie University Canada Infinite Solenoid, Federico Santa Maria Technical University Chile Essay 12(Sp); University of Wisconsin Madison UFT213; University of Warsaw UFT88; Faculty of Science University of Porto Portugal UFT199″

Not for the first time do we wonder who exactly goes to work on a Sunday and then wastes time by looking at Ron’s nonsense. And this was Easter Sunday! And are not Chile and Portugal notably Catholic countries? That should double the shame of consulting Ron’s rubbish.


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