A Writer(?) Writes

“The introduction to volume one of the scientometrics is well thought out and is the distillation of the historical background of ECE theory and photon mass, referencing how it has shaken the establishment’s view of the standard model and has consequently been singled out for unwarranted and viscous attacks, aimed at attempting to stop the new theory taking hold and displacing the standard model.”

says Penderghastly, a pseudoscientific ‘science teacher’ now enjoying an undeserved retirement. We would love to launch a very warranted attack, but we have no idea how to go about launching a ‘viscous’ one. Does it mean that the victim has to be, in some sense, ‘thick’, ‘oleaginous’ perhaps even prone to ‘creep’?  Meanwhile we await Penderghastly’s reviews of Ron’s latest books which will, no doubt, be awarded 5 stars even before he has read them.


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