Important Updates on a Previous Post

We recently drew attention to this scum-bag,

She claims, among other things, that the twin-towers were brought down by some sort of ‘death-ray’, based upon the non-existent ‘Hutchison Effect’. Due to Ron’s dubious spelling, we previously missed the connections. What do we have here? Why, it is Sewage-Evans claiming priority in the discovery of Hutchison-type phenomena:

And here is Ron in fine form,

corresponding with a crackpot believer in the Hutchinson Effect, and threatening those who dare to question his greatness. And all of this is archived! One day, somebody is going to have great fun with all of this devastatingly embarrassing data, and tear Ron apart in a very public manner.

PS: And is it not very worrying to find that so many aerospace engineers hold pseudoscientific beliefs? As well as Bigelow, there was Lear-Jet Lear who believed in flying saucers and McDonnell (of McDonnell-Douglas) who believed in the paranormal. It is quite amazing that terrorists and loons are even needed to bring aircraft down, is it not?


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