Season of Dirty Tricks

The UK is close to a General Election in which even the smallest parties are very likely to be wooed as participants in another (but even worse) coalition government. So everybody in Ron’s neck-of-the-woods is up-in-arms about this:

Why is this relevant here? Because Sewage-Evans is a local-government employee at Ceredigion County Council. Now, just suppose that Plaid Cymru starts to thrash about, looking for some way of blackening the reputation of its local rivals for power. They might well think that it was worth pointing out that the Party currently controlling CCC sees fit to employ a ‘scientific’ adviser who is in fact a pseudoscientist, backs concepts such as perpetual-motion and antigravity and is a follower of a notorious loony. We urge any followers of ours who live in South Wales to contact Plaid Cymru and tell them not to pull such an underhand trick.

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