How Not To …

FOR POSTING : Cover of Auto Two

April 9, 2015

To Dave Burleigh and Sean Maclachlan: I would be most grateful if this could be posted and advertized on the sites with its ISBN number. I think that the price is about £7″

Jeez: how not to write a ‘blurb’. One is supposed to attract buyers, Ron. And would it not be a good idea to have a professional proof-reader, possessing a better knowledge of English language and grammar, check it?


One Response to “How Not To …”

  1. Amazed Astounded Says:

    It seems he claims that every University in the world is reading his science fiction with a few notable exceptions:- Swansea & Aberystwyth & North Carolina. Is this correct? Maybe it is because they know him from bad experiences in the past. He has gone quiet about his autographed manuscripts. Have they been up for Bric a Brac auction yet? Maybe he used them as kindling to light his coal fired boiler. Why hasn’t he installed a mini reactor yet in his cottage oops home University ESTATE instead of coal.

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